How to Use CBD for Anxiety?

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Finally, CBD is getting recognized as an alternative remedy for many health issues. The past few years have seen cannabis gaining momentum, especially with the legalization movement not just in the USA but throughout the world as well. CBD is now used to treat various conditions, both mental or physical.
CBD is a chemical compound that offers medicinal appeal. It’s antipsychotic, unlike THC, the other cannabis extract responsible for those “high sensations.” You can use CBD to help address physical discomforts caused by chronic pain and more. You can even use it to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety.
CBD products can come in different forms, from sprays to oils to lotions, and even candies. There’s no one form that works best. This depends on the one using it. For users, choose the administrative method that best suits your needs. Here is a more detailed explanation of the CBD forms that can you can use for anxiety.
CBD oil
This is the most popular, the most straightforward, and the easiest way to take CBD in therapeutic amounts to alleviate anxiety. It is the most effective too, for the simple reason that in its edible form, you will find “full-spectrum” oils.
Studies have shown that CBD becomes more effective when combined with THC. Some experts have also suggested that all terpenoids and cannabinoids found in the hemp plant can influence the pharmacological effects of each other. A “full-spectrum” oil can contain all of the beneficial compounds of the hemp plant including CBD itself.
It may take about 15 to 30 minutes for CBD oils to display any effects when you take it orally or sublingually. Compared to other products, these effects last longer. Should you take CBD oils sublingually, keep the CBD oil drops underneath your tongue for a minimum of one minute before swallowing it.
The purpose of this is to allow the oil to get absorbed into the bloodstream instead of having to go through the digestive tract first.
CBD vape oils
This method of getting the CBD compound into your system is arguably the easiest. It’s a very popular method which is important in anxiety situations. You can vape a small dose upon waking up in the morning, again before bedtime, and as frequently throughout the day when the need arises. 
Though vaping is a convenient way to take CBD, there are some concerns. First, are the chemicals found in the vape liquid. Second, are the heating coils inside the vape pen. There is still no definite ruling on the long-term safety of vaping. Although it delivers the dose fast, there may be some negative consequences that researchers have yet to discover.
CBD edibles
This is the fun form, the CBD edibles. They’re fast becoming the most popular way of consuming CBD. Gummies are now available in a variety of flavors. Munching on these truly takes out the guesswork from dosing. CBD candies are very discreet, therefore, you may take them even in professional environments without anyone asking any questions.
Gummies are very convenient too, especially for targeting anxiety relief. Unlike oil, there’s no need to raise eyebrows when dropping tinctures underneath your tongue. For vaping, you don’t have to blow smoke out of the window. 
The only downside of CBD candies is that they’re not as fast-acting because they have to go through the digestive canal before getting absorbed by the body. For this, they might be the wrong choice for anxiety or for other types of acute situations.
Helpful information about dosing
As of now, there isn’t enough evidence or scientific studies that would recommend CBD as a standalone treatment for anxiety. The efficacy of a specific CBD dose depends on several factors including:

  • Consumption method – different methods yield varying bio-availability of CBD.
  • Types of CBD product – CBD becomes much stronger when combined with all the various compounds in the hemp plant, especially THC. This means a ‘full-spectrum’ extract is more powerful than just a CBD isolate.
  • Your biological and physical characteristics – like your metabolism and weight.

At this point and based on many studies and anecdotal reports, it is certain that CBD may help people control their anxiety better. But remember that CBD products have not yet received approval by the FDA. This means that the purity and strength of ingredients may vary between products and brands.

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