It’s not uncommon for children of all ages to have difficulty with math. Some may have trouble from a young age and others may develop a problem with a specific type of math such as geometry or division. Whatever the reason, it’s important to understand why they are struggling with math and help them overcome the obstacle.

Once you’ve identified the problem, you need the resources to help them become more comfortable and develop the skills needed to become proficient. If they can learn these skills early on in life, then they can use them to work through math problems in their adult life.

Why is Your Child Struggling with Math?

A child may not come out and say they have problems with math. You may first notice it because of bad grades or changes in emotion when there is a math test or quiz. Don’t blame the child for being unable to understand the math. Instead, tell them it’s normal and work to help them through it.

How they struggle is another important factor. Is it a specific concept that is difficult or is it more basic such as understanding the difference between bigger and smaller or less and more? It can manifest in different ways for different types of math. Work with the child’s teacher to understand why they have difficulty.

Develop Alternate Methods of Learning

There isn’t just one way to understand or learn math. There are several and the problem could be the child needs a different way that better suits how he learns. Teachers can’t develop an individual method for each child in the class, it’s up to the parents.

Perhaps a child learns better visually, so a multiplication chart can help. Research different methods and explain the situation with the teacher. Make sure the teacher will accept the new way and won’t dock the student points.

Make Learning Fun for Children

School is boring. The teacher spends an hour per class spewing out facts and trying their best to teach them how to do problems. They may allow occasional fun days, but it’s not enough to really bring the subject to life.

There are many online games, board games and television programs that help children learn math in a fun and interactive way. Some children enjoy a hands-on approach instead of being talked too. Play the games with the child and help them along when they get stuck.

It’s easy for a child to get frustrated when they can’t do something and it inhibits forward movement. It’s not only great for teaching them math but also is a bonding experience for the child and parent.

Your Child Can Do It

You want your child to their best in school and it can be hard to see them struggling with math. With a little research and communication with the school, you can get to the bottom of their problem and help them through it.

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