How To Turn Stress Into Productivity


Life has a habit of getting complicated. If you’re working hard to achieve success at work, in love and at your leisure pursuits, then you’ll know that balancing everything can be a tall order. But some people will say that the stress is worth it: anything worth having in this life is worth struggling for, be it a marriage, a vacation or a promotion at work. However, this needn’t be seen as a negative side-effect of your pursuits.

Stress can certainly be a valuable ally, an untapped force that can take your game to the next level.

Take an overloaded day at work, for example. Your heart is pumping, your brain is swelling, and you’re dealing with task on top of task as they come in from all angles. Naturally, you redirect your nervous energy towards working harder, faster, longer. But what is the result? You make mistakes. Your health suffers. You snap at those around you. This is because you didn’t harness your stress.

When those orders start coming in, remember to breathe. Get your body under control and you will achieve more – never mind a few lost moments while you gather yourself. Put that energy towards prioritizing: make a list of what is urgent and what is important and do things that tick both boxes first. And whatever you do, don’t get caught up doing ‘busy work.’

Stress can also be ignited by confrontation with another person, be it your boss or a friend. In those situations, most people would either rush around yelling or bottle everything up inside. None of those alternatives is going to lead to a productive resolution of a conflict, believe me. Instead, focus that energy on writing up a cold objective description of what the issue is, and try to understand it fully before confronting the person you’re having problems with. Stay calm, be quiet, listen, and ask questions. Allow your brain to harness the energy you’ve built up inside and you will come to a better solution.

These kind of tools can be used in all areas of your life, and there’s plenty more to try. You should bookmark this page. Seriously. And whenever you feel stress is getting the best of you, have a read at the infographic below, which comes packed with ways to transform that stress into positive results.



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  1. Great article! Stress can be one of the main drivers for high productivity. Like you said “Stress can certainly be a valuable ally, an untapped force that can take your game to the next level.”


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