The MenProvement Podcast: Episode 085

This is episode 085 of The MenProvement Podcast.

In this episode of The Menprovement Podcast I talk to Mike Marschhausen. His interest how to stay on track with your diet turned to a real passion when he was deployed in Afghanistan in 2010. He used exercise as an outlet to help me cope with the stress of his deployment. It kept him sane through some of the toughest times. When he got home, he realized that fitness wasn’t just something to pass the time, it was something he wanted to focus his career on. He wanted to help people get all the same benefits, both physical and mental, that he got from weight lifting.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

– Why Diets Fail, And What To Do About It

– Why You Should Meditate If You Want To Lose Fat

– How To Break Food Addiction

– The Garden Analogy That Will Make You Understand Why You’re Fat And Unhealthy

How To Stay On Track With Your Diet


– check out Mike’s website to learn more!



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