The electronic cigarette is a Chinese invention which have marked our time. With an e-cigarette, you can « vape », which means that you inhale and spit out vapor, by reproducing the gesture of a cigarette’s smoker and having similar effects in throat, without the harmful effects of tobacco.

It can be difficult to begin vaping, even with an e cigarette complete kit. Yet, an e-cigarette can be an effective way to quit smoking. We’re going to see how to begin easily in vaping.

In order to begin in vaping, you need to equip the various elements that compose an e-cigarette.

An electronic cigarette is generally composed of the following elements:

The Battery

Available in different forms (pen, box, mod, …), the battery is used to heat the coil of the atomizer head, and consequently the e-liquid, which will create the inhaled vapor.

The choice of the battery depends on its power, its design, its autonomy and its compatibility with the other important element of the electronic cigarette: the atomizer. Some very easy-to-use batteries have only one button, others have several buttons and a screen, in order to adjust vaping power and provide multiple vaping style choice.

The Atomizer

the atomizer is the tank of the e-cigarette, which will contain the e-liquid. Once the e-liquid is heated, the atomizer will create the vapor, which will be suck by the vaper by using the drip-tip, placed on the top of the atomizer.

The choice of the atomizer depends on its e-liquid content capacity, its look, its compatibly with the battery, and also the vaping style you want.

Indeed, an atomizer made for a low power use, with a small airflow, will be used for Mouth To Lung vaping or MTL. In this case, the vaper will vape with his electronic cigarette like a smoker smokes his cigarette. On the contrary, an atomizer made for a high power use, with a large airflow, will be usually used for Direct Lung Inhale or DL. In this case, the vaper will vape with his electronic cigarette by drawing the vapor straight down into the lungs, pretty much like using a shisha pipe.

The Atomizer Head

placed inside the atomizer, the atomizer head or “coil” is the element which is heated by the battery. Consequently, it’s also the element which heats the e-liquid in the atomizer.

The atomizer head is the consumable that should be replaced regularly in your electronic cigarette. Indeed, when the taste of your e-liquid is altered, it means that the atomizer head must be replaced by a new one.  The lifetime of an atomizer head depends on its model, but usually, an atomizer head will last around one and two weeks. Therefore, it’s important to have a small stock of new atomizer heads, in order to avoid to relight a cigarette!

The E-liquid

The E-liquid, or E-juice, is the liquid which is heated in order to be transformed into vapor, which is inhaled by the vaper. You can find hundreds of different e-liquid recipes, with fruity, greedy, tobacco, mentholated tastes…

The choice of your e-liquid will be mainly related to its taste, but also to your desired nicotine strength (between 0 mg and 6 mg for high-power equipment, up to 18 mg for low-power equipment).

The Charger

The electronic cigarette battery needs to be charged, like any electronic devices. Most beginner batteries are equipped with an integrated battery. In this case, charging your e-cigarette will be very simple by plugging a micro-USB cable, as for a smartphone. Some electronic cigarettes, such as mod boxes, require one or two accumulators to work. In this case, we recommend to use a dedicated external accumulator charger.


Now you have 2 solutions to get started :

Starter Kits:

The easiest way to start vaping is to get a starter kit. Most brands offer kits including a pen or box battery with integrated battery, an atomizer, two atomizer heads and a USB cable for recharging. All you have to do is to add your e-liquid and you’re ready to go. You can get rid of the smell of tobacco on your clothes, finally! Don’t forget to play sports to increase your chances of stopping smoking

Pod Kits:

E-cigarettes manufacturers offer another type of electronic cigarettes named “pod”. The pod is usually made for beginners, and is generally a very small all in one e-cigarette, with a disposable pod cartridge with build-in atomizer coil. This cartridge receive the e-liquid and can be replaced by a new one when needed.

This is probably the easiest way to get started with the electronic cigarette: a pod kit contains everything you need to begin Mouth To Lung vaping, and doesn’t need any knowledge to use it !



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