How To Beat Your Addiction To Soda


Soda, huh? What is it good for? Absolutely nothing? Now that depends. Are you hankering after a spare tire around your middle? Maybe you’re battling a war of attrition against your teeth? Perhaps it’s the chemicals you desire? No? Okay, so we can agree: absolutely nothing.

But if you’re hooked on soda, simply knowing why it’s bad for you isn’t going to stop you reaching for that can when you’re bored or thirsty. You need technique, because there are few things in the world more straightforward and satisfying than the click-fizz of your next Coke.

First up, let’s quantify. You don’t have to quit soda tomorrow. Instead, drink what you would normally drink, but count’em up. Let’s say each soda packs a 240 calorie punch, as does a 20oz bottle of Coke. Four sodas, and you’re nearing half your daily needs through sugar alone – and those aren’t good calories.

And what about the cost? One can at a time is just small change. But take that one day of sodas, and multiply the amount you drink by what the vending machine charges for it. Multiply that by 365 and you have a yearly total that you can probably think of better things to spend on.

Okay, so the numbers give you a little more motivation to quit. But how to actually go about it? First off, you need to find that inner strength that you imagine sets you apart from the rest. Nurture some discipline. Promise yourself two weeks off from soda – it’s not forever. But returning to soda once it’s out your system will not be such an enticing idea. Once you’re clean, it’s easier to stay clean.

And how to get through those two weeks? Alternatives. Put juice and water in your fridge. Take a bottle of water and some dissolvable, flavored vitamins to work with you. Control is much easier when you have options within reach.

You’re on your way, but it ain’t easy. Run your eyes over the additional techniques outlined in the infographic below by CashNetUSA, and you should be fully tooled-up for the fight ahead. And if you can’t do it for yourself – do it for your dentist.




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