How to Plan An Unforgettable Bachelor Party

So, you are the best man at a wedding and you are in charge of planning your best friend’s last night of freedom.  No pressure then, right?

Actually, organizing a bachelor party that will be talked about for years to come need not be the hardest thing in the world to do, if you follow some basic tips and get your plans in order.

Decide on who is coming with you

Consulting with the groom-to-be is essential here. You will certainly know some of the key people who need to be invited, but there may be a selection of others who you are not too familiar with such as relatives of the groom along with his work colleagues and old school friends.

Liaise with the groom, ask him who he wants to be there to help him wave goodbye to his freedom. His single send-off needs involve all the men in his life that matter, so ask for names and contact details before finalizing the invitations.

Choose your date and location

Affordability and availability all come into play when choosing the perfect time and place for this epic event. You will need to carefully consider the work life, other commitments and financial situations of those who will be invited.  After all, there is no point booking a week away somewhere exotic if no one can afford it or get the time away from work.

Stay close to home and just enjoy one mad night out? Or stray further afield and make a weekend of it? If money is not a huge consideration, and your group have a large budget to put aside for this, you’re job is not necessarily made any easier. More money to splash means more places and activities to consider. In short, this means more planning for you.

Plan daytime activities too

Especially important if you are planning on going away for a few days, your daytime hours should be just as fun filled as the nighttime ones.

A lot of this will depend on the location you decide to pick, but there should be several interesting options available to you, in terms of daytime activities, no matter where you decide to go.  A round of golf, paintballing, go-karting – these are just some of the fun daytime activities that are popular amongst groups heading on a bachelor party trip.

It’s probably best to shy away from anything insanely dangerous though. The bride may not be too happy if you return the groom to her with a broken leg.

Plan for the main event

When it comes to the main event, make sure that you have your house in order.  If you are planning on going on a bar crawl, do your research first.  Will you all be able to get in to your preferred venues?  Do they have a policy against big groups of guys turning up? Can you book a VIP booth or a spot on the guest list to make the whole process easier?

Is there a dress code?

Getting the groom-to-be dressed up in fancy dress can be a great way to make the occasion even more memorable, but this may limit the number of bars/clubs he will be allowed to enter. If you do decide to go down this route, you’ll find some great costume ideas over on this website and once the decision is made, you could always try and contact your preferred venues in advance to see if they have any restrictions on fancy dress.

All this may sound like a lot of work to be getting on with, but it’s better to consider it in advance rather than being left to figure it out on the night.

Get in touch with the attendees

If you all live and work in the same town, see each other regularly and have each others contact details, then it will of course be a lot easier to make plans and keep everyone in the loop in terms of what will happen during the bachelor party.

Difficulties may arise when trying to negotiate diary dates and make arrangements with family members or friends/colleagues of the groom who live and work further afield.  Harness the awesome power of the digital world, and use e-mails, text messages and ideally a WhatsApp group to create an instant conversation with everyone involved, no matter where they are.

Send you invites digitally, create a Facebook event or even send traditional invitations by post. Just be sure to invite everyone on the list and let them know of all the necessary details as and when they are sorted.

Planning an unforgettable bachelor party can be as easy as pie if you remember to make your plans in advance and consider the key points mentioned above.

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