how to pick up high school girls

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First off. I know this is “men”provement, but in many cultures turning 13 entails becoming a man. So if you are only in high school, shalom – this website is still for you.

Since we have seen so many positive responses on our newbies guide to picking up girls – we decided to show that this style of meeting women applies to men of any age. And it works just as well as it does on a 24 year old hottie on a 16 year old future hottie.

In this video Matt, high school student, approaches three cute high school girls. (I am sorry for the poor quality in the beginning, but it easy to get the gist.)

He follows the easy and simple nature of our style on how to approach girls, which you can read about here, and apply it to any point in your life. From age 13 to age 90. It simply works.

And the more you do it, the better you get – but we discuss all this in detail in our free guide.

So head over and whatever age you are start living the life and dating the women you want. You can do it!


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