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It’s the most wonderful time of the year. But it can also be the most stressful time of the year when you’re trying to figure out the right gift for that special lady in your life.

For any of you last minute shoppers, here is a foolproof guide for selecting the right gift, no matter what stage your relationship is in.  Make the right choice on the gift and she’ll be thanking you well into the new year!

The ‘We Just Met’ Gift

Say you’re out on the town about two weeks before Christmas and you meet an amazing girl. That’s great, right? Well, what’s not so great is that awkward feeling of obligation when it comes to getting her a gift. You barely know each other, yet you’re expected to shell out hard earned cash on something that won’t disappoint her so early out of the gate. 

Pick up a nice bottle of wine for her. Be sure and grab a pretty bow to make it festive (grocery stores keep those in the same aisle as the greeting cards). This gift is perfect because there are so many types of wine you can’t be expected to know exactly what she loves. Choose a simple Chardonnay or Merlot and you should be just fine.

Who knows, she might ask you to join her to enjoy the bottle. And you know what that means…

The ‘Few Dates In’ Gift

You don’t want her to say “Wow. That’s it?” But you also don’t want her to say “Oh my goodness! I think he’s in love with me. We should get married next year!”

The right move at this stage in your relationship is to ask her over to your place for a meal. The effort you’ll show by preparing her your signature dish is gift enough to show you’re still interested in getting to know her better, but you’re not quite ready to bring her home to meet your mom.

The ‘We’re Official’ Gift

At this point you know a bit more about what your lady likes. In fact, she’s probably been dropping hints about things she wants for the last several weeks. Hopefully you’re smart enough to pick up on these clues. If not, start paying attention.

If you’re still not getting it, concentrate on planning a romantic date you know she’ll enjoy. Does she like dinner and dancing? Spring for a classy meal followed by a night at her favorite dance spot. Is she a sucker for live shows? Grab two tickets to a concert you know she’ll love. Event gifts allow you to show her how special she is to you and hopefully it’s something you’ll get some enjoyment out of as well.

For discount concert and meal vouchers in your area check out GrouponThey can save you big bucks on a nice restaurant making you look like the hero.

The ‘Getting Serious’ Gift

Oh boy. Now you’ve done it. You’ve been with this girl long enough that now you have to do something pretty special for the holidays. Flowers and chocolate won’t cut it at this point. Showing up with a gift card will get you demoted in a heartbeat.

Your best bet at this point is jewelry of some kind. A nice bracelet, a pretty necklace, a new pair of sparkly earrings – whatever you feel will suit her. Pay attention to the kind of jewelry she wears on a regular basis as well as what she puts on when she’s going out for the evening. Try to get a feel for her style by examining the collection she already has.  

In conclusion

It’s important to note here that Christmas is a common engagement season.

Whoa! Okay. If that last sentence made you cringe, you’re probably not ready. Just buy her something you know she’ll love and wait for a not-so-cliché time to propose. But if you know that you know that you know she’s the one, go for it!

Picking the right gift is the difference between a happy holidays and a blue Christmas. Don’t be a bad Santa: respect the stage of your relationships and tailor your gift accordingly.

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