You’ve finally found the right girl. You gave her a ring and set a date. Now, the big day is fast approaching. Strangely, you are now worrying about fashion for the first time in your life. You want to look good for your friends, family, and most of all, your beautiful bride-to-be. One of the easiest ways a groom can personalize his outfit for the wedding is through accessories.

The following are some ideas on how to match your accessories with your outfit.

Tie It Up Right

Let’s face it: there really is a limited number of things you can do with a tuxedo. It is after-all essentially a fabric penguin suit. The main area for play with a tuxedo though is your tie.

You need to make sure your tie does not clash with your bride’s dress or her bridesmaids’ dresses. Other than that, though, you can take some freedom with the color and patterns that you choose. You may even consider a bow tie if you are that kind of guy.

Watch Out for Watches

With the advent of cell phones and smart watches, you would think that traditional watches may go out of style. Watches are perhaps a bit old-fashioned. However, men around the world still see a nice watch as a signal for success, status, and class.

You should consider wearing a nice watch on your wedding day. Though it won’t always be visible, the watch will add an immeasurable element of professionalism to your attire. If you should ever decide to wear a customized wedding watch, it can also serve as your memento of your big day.

Show Off with Your Socks

Who says socks have to be boring? Sure, socks are usually covered by your pants. And yes, socks do go on your feet.

You can still choose to do something fun with your socks though. You can get creative with the colors and patterns of your socks. Just be sure to be consistent across the board with your groomsmens’ socks as this can be a common mistake a bride will notice.

Cufflinks for You and Your Groomsmen

Cufflinks may actually be the ultimate masculine accessory. They are undoubtedly classy as they can only be worn on formal occasions. They also are actually quite visible and noticeable as an accessory.

If you’re thinking of buying great groomsmen gifts, you should consider cufflinks as your present. There are a number of variations with style and design. You can even choose to customize your cufflinks with engraving for each groomsman. Engraving initials onto the cufflinks puts a nice individualized touch onto these gifts.

Tie Bar Out

The tie bar, or tie clip, is a useful accessory for formal occasions and events. It puts a classy spin on an already-classy fashion piece: the tie. You need to know how to wear a tie bar though.

Like most things, tie bars come in a number of different designs and styles. They can also be customized with engraving. Again, look at the rest of the pieces you’re wearing before you decide to pick the wildest-looking tie bar. Sometimes, it takes only one mismatching accessory to ruin the coordination of your outfit.


There are a number of ways you can go when choosing your accessories for your wedding-day outfit and if you’re ever having a hard time picking out your accessories, you can always match them with your wedding band set. Accessories are useful for the personalization of an otherwise-uniform tuxedo. Accessories show who you are, how you think, and what you stand for.

Whatever direction you go, you can use these ideas to help get you started. This is a big day, and you need to put some thought into what you and your groomsmen will be wearing. These ideas are some of the ways you can match your accessories to your outfit.


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