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Here at menswear retailer The Idle Man, we understand the difficulties of trying to define your own unique style. Your style is generally indicative of your personality and suggests a certain “theme” about what and who you are.

This makes it extremely important that you are very deliberate in selecting a theme for your wardrobe, but it is also important to show a certain level of consistency with the “theme” you are presenting.

Having the majority of your wardrobe reflecting a specific theme makes life a lot easier when you’re trying to figure out what to wear in the morning! Also, it presents a consistent image of you to the people you meet at work or out on the town, allowing them to see a closer image of what you feel is your ideal self.

You’ve (hopefully!) figured out your best features and how to showcase them, so read on and see how to ensure your style reflects your unique personality and we are here to help you define your style so you can show the world just who you are.

Classic Style

Those who go for classic attire look for versatility in their style. Garments from a classic wardrobe can be added to on-trend pieces, or worn separately to keep the timeless look alive. Timeless pieces made from fabrics like wool and cashmere are bread and butter for a classic style.

This style draws inspiration from the traditional French way of dressing, which has a rightful place in modern fashion. Furthermore, if you always find yourself wearing classic colours such as black, white, grey and navy, you probably love classic clothing.  You’ll always find yourself appropriately dressed with classing clothing, and you’re never, ever out of style.

Trademark Classic Designers: Calvin Klein, Levi’s, GAP, Hugo Boss


A trendsetting man is simply obsessed with fashion, music and anything else for that matter. If you want to always find yourself looking trendy, you’ve got to have at least one way of keeping up with the latest trends in style.

Hipster style is also fearless, so if you long to be one, you’ve got to be prepared (and confident enough!) to take a few fashion risks. In order to always look enviably good, there are a few standard rules you have to follow: if you’ve worn an outfit to an event once, you probably shouldn’t wear it again; and, the older you are, the more you should stick to wearing only one or two standout pieces per outfit.


Trademark Hipster Designers: H&M, D&G, Viktor & Rolf and anything else that no one else has heard of yet…

Casual Look

A look more suited to the creative type or those who work in a more chilled environment, such as media. If you’re a guy who doesn’t even try but still looks good, you’re the kind of man who dances to his own tune and your friends will agree that you really know how to party and enjoy yourself.

Luckily, you barely have to reach into your wallet to achieve this casually cool style.

All you really need in your wardrobe are a lot of basics (t-shirts, plain jumpers) and a solid jacket (leather, denim or even a smart blazer). After that, it’s all about the accessories to add to your simple look, we always find silver does the trick well.

Not forgetting about your hair, visit a top barber to get a hairstyle that looks great when you get up in the morning and then make sure you go back to the barbers regularly to maintain your locks. This can also be applied to all of the styles!

Trademark Casual Designers: Ben Sherman, Rock and Republic, Belstaff

Don’t worry if your style seems to fall into more than one category, because that’s what will make your look unique. And never get stressed out trying to find what style suits you, enjoy yourself and have fun experimenting with different looks!

In Conclusion

While we have only covered three of the many different styles you can set out to achieve, hopefully we have started the wheels spinning in your head to help you decide what image you want to portray and how you want others to view you.

And while style isn’t everything (it doesn’t matter how ‘fly’ you look if you have a dead personality) it will make a huge difference in how others perceive you and how you view yourself.

So *queue Indiana Jones voice* Choose wisely.


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