It goes without saying that erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects a lot of men but typically  goes unnoticed because a lot of men will suffer in silence.

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the partial or complete inability to rise to the occasion and to sustain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse to occur.

What most men are looking for in seeking a solution to erectile dysfunction is one which is natural and offers permanent results so that they can build on their progress. It is important to note that erectile dysfunction may be caused by various factors.

The causative factor must be addressed before a permanent solution can be found.

There are various erectile dysfunction treatment that can be used on a person to give natural results and a restoration of normal erections.

The pharmaceutical route is highly discouraged because the results are impermanent and there is the potential for even more damage to be done to your body.

One of the easiest and most effective ways of beating erectile dysfunction is working on how to naturally increase testosterone levels in the body naturally. A boost in testosterone levels results in a direct increase in the sex drive as well.

Testosterone in men is the main sex hormone which triggers desire and sexual arousal. If there are low levels of it, arousal becomes problematic and thus erectile dysfunction results.


One of the best ways to eliminate ED permanently is to simply start exercising.

Most men who suffer from ED live much more sedentary lifestyles.

Exercise is a great way to get the blood moving throughout the body. What’s more, prostaglandins are released during exercise, and these can be referred to as the feel good hormones.

This help minimizes stress and thus promote general health. If you have not been previously exercising, it is advisable to start off with mild exercises such as walking, swimming and bicycling as one progressively increases intensity and time in the exercise as time moves up.

This builds the body up and ensures that one’s body is well toned. Engaging in strenuous exercise immediately only serves to raise cortisol levels which in effect trigger stress in the body and this could kill erectile dysfunction efforts.


Eating the wrong food could also be the cause for the numerous erectile dysfunction cases reported among men.

If you want to boost your testosterone and see permanent results with your erectile problems, then you need to b e eating a balanced diet, which is actually much different than you have been lead to believe.

Your diet should be around 30% natural fats from sources like avocados, lean meats, olive oils etc., 30% protein ideally from whole food sources, and 40% carbs from vegetables and the like.

By doing this you will improve your erections and live a happier healthier life. Two birds… one stone.


Many men underestimate the importance of rest on the body.

However, sleeping at least 6-8 hours is possibly one of the best things that you can do for your health, your business, and your penis.

According to a study published by Brain research in 2011, lack of sleep was shown to be one of the main causes of ED.

Further, the study noted that one ought to stick to the same sleep time and to wake up the pattern if erectile dysfunction is to be dealt with.

Normal sleep pattern was shown to be consistent with people who had high testosterone levels and no case of ED while irregular sleep patterns were consistent with low testosterone and high cases of ED.

To know what amount of sleep you need, switch off your alarm for a few days. The time which you wake up is dependent on the amount of rest the brain needs.

Smoking and drinking

Smoking has been associated with high levels of ED for a number of years now.

The reason for this is that smoking constricts arteries and thus makes it difficult for blood to flow into the reproductive system as it should, impeding erections.

If you have ED and are a smoker,kick the habit. You will save your lungs, your life, and your little soldier.

Too much alcohol, on the other hand, causes a depression of sexual function.

Continued abuse or excessive intake of alcohol can cause low testosterone levels and result in erectile dysfunction.

If you want to keep your sex drive alive and your testosterone high, lay off the booze.

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