how to change your life today

how to chage your life today

OMG it feels so good to write an article again. MenProvement has been blowing up with guest post submissions and contributors as we hit the 1 year mark, so I have been too busy being an editor. But throughout this time I have put a lot of what I do out on paper and into podcasts and really formulated a 4 step process to success. Essentially, what I do to succeed – at anything I do.

I 100% believe that this 4 step method can apply to anything you do too. Picking up girls, getting your dream body or just making money. These are the 4 steps other people are not taking, that you can, to change your life TODAY.


There are two definite facts in todays world.

1) Many people are unhappy and wish to change their lives.

2) People are impatient.

So that leads us to me creating this article, how to change your life TODAY.

There’s good news and bad news.

The good news: This article will show you how to change your life today, and forever.

The bad news: You are not going to wake up tomorrow with your new life.

But if you can hack it, then one day you will wakeup with your new life. And starting today is imperative.

How to change your life today

Believe it or not, there is a formula for success. And believe it or not, it is quite simple. But where most people fail is right out the gate – their expectations. You look at successful people and you think I want that. I want that car. I want that house. I want that girl.

But what you don’t see is the years of struggle and hard work that went to get that.

What you don’t see is the formula that 90% of successful people applied in their life day in and day out, that you are NOT doing.

What is that formula?

It can be outlined in 4 steps. While there is a lot of in between stuff that can work for you, the below steps, if followed, can and will truly change your life.

Step 1) Set your mental GPS


Step 1 in changing your life today is the only part that you can actually do today. But rest assured, it will change your life – forever.

Have you stumbled upon this article because you woke up recently and thought to yourself:

[quote]“How the fuck did I get here?”[/quote]

Sounds like something that would happen if you were drifting off into deep thought while driving without a GPS and snapped out of it 2 hours later. You got to where you are on auto pilot, but in reality you have no idea how you really got there.

Most people go throughout life without there mental GPS set to a destination. You go with the flow, you have some ups, you have some downs. You live your life. And then you wake up one day and you really have no idea how you got to where you are.

Step 1 is about setting your mental GPS, so this doesn’t happen again.

How do you do this?

 – Get out a pad

In 1 – 3 paragraphs, write down your ideal you. Write down the person you want to be or what goal it is that you want to achieve.

What you want to do, how you want to act, how you want to feel, the life you want to have. Write down exactly who you want to be. Write it all down in detail. Never thought about it? Take your time, because if you do everything right in the next 3-5 years, this is who you will become.

Bam, you just set your coordinates in your mental GPS. Seems weird right? Or maybe you didn’t do it because “thats stupid.” For you guys, just hit the x bottom in the top right (top left for macs).

Step 2) (Re)Program your brain


So you set your mental GPS in step 1. That is pretty awesome and you are ahead of the game already.

But it was the easy step, and it doesn’t mean much without all the other steps incorporated.

So step 2 is about how to program your brain to reach this final destination, to keep you on the prescribed route.

How do you do it?

For starter, it’s not complicated – but it is not something that everyone is going to connect to right away.

You have probably heard of the law of attraction. Well while there is a lot of mysticism behind it, there is also a lot of concrete logical steps that go into it. This is an applicable version of the law of attraction – and it works.

a) You must believe without any doubt in the world that you will succeed.

This may not come natural, but keep beating it into your brain and eventually it will. You have to believe that you have already succeeded, and that there is nothing in the world that stands in your way besides the time and effort that you are going to put in.

b) No matter what your current situation, you must feel and relate to your end goal now.

This is hard. Ever heard of people who say they have healed terminal illness? Most of them would probably say that they focused all there energy all day on feeling healthy and believing they were healthy, even though they weren’t.

Imagine how powerful this would be in any situation of your life.

What I mean is that if your goal is to be rich, you not only need to believe that you are going to be rich, you need to feel rich now.

Easier said then done.

How does one accomplish this? Through daily visualization.

Every single morning and every single night, would you dedicate 5 minutes of your life to be living your dream life?

If you think you would then keep reading.

How to visualize:

I will explain the process of visualization through the goal of wanting to be rich.

Every morning and every night, sit down in a quite space and close your eyes.

Picture yourself in the future, in the 1st person, living the life that you described on paper. In this case, picture yourself being rich.

Picture all the money you have, and picture all the cool shit you bought and all the hot girls hanging out by your pool.

Then I want you to feel all the emotions connected to all of this. How great it feels to be rich, and how exhilarating it feels to be able to go out and buy whatever you want. Really feel it until it gives you the chills.

Then I want you to come back to the present state, but keep that feeling with you for as long as you can. At first it may fade fast, but this is a learned process. Eventually you will be able to hold that feeling with you all day.

This is key.

Interview any rich successful person you want. They will never tell you that during the lows of their life, they moped around focusing on how poor they were. No matter what your circumstance, you need to feel and believe that you already have your goals, and you are just patiently waiting for them to manifest.

[quote]While Jim Carry was homeless, chasing an acting career for years, he would head to the top of a hill everyday and visualize his success. He then wrote himself a check for $10,000,000.00, noted it “for acting services rendered, dated it 5 years into the future & stuck it in his wallet. He then cashed that check 5 years later when he was chosen for the roles of dumb and dumber, Ace Ventura & Liar Liar.[/quote]

c) Always stay positive

A huge key to success is to imagine yourself already having what you want. But going even deeper is to feel that you already have what you want.

But going even deeper is to always be in a positive state of mind. Have the belief, the knowing, that if you are doing these steps correctly that everything that happens in your life is happening to get you one step closer to your goal.

You will have to learn lessons, so when you blow $300 on that investment, don’t start being negative. Don’t harp on negativity and don’t let can’t or regret be in your vocabulary.

Always think positive and believe that you are reaching your goals, set backs or not.

Step 3) Take massive action

take massive action

Step 2 will test your will, but step 3 will separate the people who will succeed from the ones who don’t.

If you have done steps 1 and 2, then the law of attraction is in action. It is called a law because like gravity, it simply is. What you reflect outward in vibe and feeling will mirror back to you. Feeling rich all day long, combined with step 3, will result in you being rich if you can hash out step 4. There’s no two ways about it.

Don’t be surprised when things start falling into place as if you wrote to the storyline. B/C now you are writing the storyline.

But doing steps 1 and 2, and then going to watch a marathon of Bar Rescue is not going to result in success. You need to align your thoughts and actions. You need to be congruent.

How do you do it?

a) Start somewhere

If you are nowhere, then you need to start somewhere.

This is the hard part. Many people simply never start taking action.

If you want to be rich, write down 5 things you can do today that you can start right now to be rich.

Maybe they are super small, like don’t eat out anymore to save some cash. It’s a start.

The point is to get to the point where you live your life around this action, and everything you do is congruent to your daily visualization. You feel rich, because you act rich. And soon you will be rich.

b) Keep taking baby steps

Like mentioned above, start small and keep taking baby steps

Every single day, stack baby steps on top of more baby steps.

[quote]“Baby steps will take you to the top of Mount Everest, as long as you keep taking them.”[/quote]

c) Fail a lot

Failure will teach you more than success ever will.

Embrace it, go out and don’t be afraid to fail.

Most successful peoples first, second or even third ventures fail. It is from these failures that they learn how to succeed.

d) Immerse yourself in it

This goal of yours must become your life. You must live it and obsess over it. It must become who you are for you to become who you want to be.

When I was recently trying to learn to pick up women, I immersed myself in it so much, it was all I thought about. When I wasn’t out taking massive action and doing trial and error, I was watching videos, listening to podcasts and practicing. I developed 1 years worth of skills in 3 weeks.

Step 4: Be prepared to play the long game

Sorry to burst your bubble, but the long game isn’t some fun drinking game you play with your buds.

The long game is this awesome idea that success take a long-ass-time to build. Who would of thought?

It is the secret side to success that nobody cares to talk about.

Just watch the video, it is amazing:

When you play the long game, you have the right mindset to go the distance. It’s the guys who can do all this great stuff, but expect results in a month who get fed up and walk away. Not everyone is going to be successful. But it is totally up to you.

Modern day has made it seem that success is something to be had in an instant.

Get rich quick scheme. Lose 10 pounds in a week. It’s all nonsense.

The biggest ingredient in success is time, and you must be excited for a long, powerful journey.

This one mindset will change your life, today. Most people go into things and quit because they are not ready for the commitment that being successful take. It takes years of hard work.

Simply understanding this concept is life changing.

Be prepared to play the long game, and you are prepared to succeed.

Rinse and repeat

Just keep doing it.

– Keep visualizing, keep feeling your goals already with you and keep believing that they are 100% true now, and you are just patiently waiting for them to manifest. (don’t miss a day, it takes 30 days for a habit to form and for the brain to start making new pathways – visualize every single day)

– Keep putting in the hard work, and taking small steps towards your goal.

– Keep thinking about your goal constantly. Read that paper you wrote during step 1 every day, and act as if you are already that person.

Just keep playing the long game. Da Vinci played for nearly 10 years.

You will be amazed at how the world changes around you.

In conclusion

If you want to change your life TODAY. Making a commitment to this is how you will actually do it.

Don’t try some get rich quick scheme, they are only a waste of time. Commit to the long game. The only way to true success short of winning the mega millions. (is that even success at all?)

It may take you months, it may take you years, it may take you decades. But you can achieve any goals that you truly believe you can.

It’s completely up to you.


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