How To Build A Website

When most people ask how to build a website, they most likely assume that

In order to build a website years ago you used to have to spend years learning HTML and spend hours programming in order to have a decent looking website.

This is not the case anymore.

I don’t know a thing about HTML or CSS or whatever the hell its called. And I built this Website you are reading right now in less than a week!

I am going layout the exact steps for you on how to build a website, the easiest and fastest way, so you can start marketing your brand and making money today!

Step 1: Buy a domain name

There’s really only one place to go for getting a domain name and its

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials in the super bowl with hot chicks about to get naked. This is the absolutely easiest place to buy a website name. All you do is type in what you want, if its not taken, you pay a one time fee of 7.99 and bam you have a domain name.

If the name you want is taken you can even buy it or bid on it if the price is within your range. They make it really easy to get a domain name.

– Head to Godaddy to get started

Step 2: Get web hosting

So you bought a domain name, now you have a website right?


If you type in your URL you will be directed nowhere. You need somewhere to HOST your site.

Its kind of confusing and you don’t really need to know how it works, you just need it. You don’t need to fully understand how you’re website is working it just needs to work.

Based on a bunch of reviews and recommendations I got my hosting through

It was very easy to get everything so I have nothing but good things to say.

One thing to mention is that hosting isn’t free. This is the most expensive part of the process. You can pay about 8.00 monthly for hostgator hosting but I chose to get a year subscription.

You won’t find free web hosting that’s worth your time. There’s no point in owning a website that is extremely slow and prone to crashing. Don’t skimp out on your host, play it safe and go with a big name.

After you sign up with hostgator this is where things can get a little confusing. It took me a day or two to realize what the hell was going on, and your website is still not up.

Basically all you can do after you sign up is log into your control panel and your website still wont be up. In order to get your website up the next step is very important.

– Signup With Hostgator Here


Set up your name servers:

I don’t know what the hell these name server things are but I couldn’t figure out a dam thing or how to get my website up, so I Googled for a while and realized that I had to get my name servers from Hostgator and input them into Godaddy. I guess this sort of links the connection. Your 2 nameservers will be in the account info in the email you receive from Hostgator.

Nameserver pic

What you do is take these and log into your Godaddy account. When you’re logged into your Godaddy account go to the “MY ACCOUNT” tab. When you’re there click your domain name link. This will open up your domain details, or domain manager. In the menu bar above your domain information there is an icon that is a picture of some gold coins stacked up called name servers  Just click it, select set name servers and input your name servers from your Hostgator Email in the appropriate boxes. You’re done with that. So do you have a website yet. Nope, when you type in your domain name it will now go to your Hostgator domain login. You are linked up with Hostgator but there’s still a little more to go.

4) Download WordPress

The next thing you need to do is get WordPress  You don’t do this by going to and downloading it. Although you could there is a much easier way. Log into your Hostgator control panel. **IMPORTANT** Upon setting up you Hostgator control panel they will ask you if you want to change your layout. DON’T. I did this and couldn’t find QUICKINSTALL at all until I reverted back to the original layout. So if you did this convert back to the original layout now.

Now that you are in your Hostgator control panel go down to Software/Services and click Quick Install. Then on the left under blog software click WordPress. Download WordPress and when you are prompted to fill in information leave the URL for WordPress BLANK. This will allow your new WordPress site to be your regular domain name.

Step 5: Get a theme

You have a website now. Congrats. Throw up a WordPress post and type in your URL. You have an actual website. But it looks like complete shit. If you don’t wanna go hardcore you can use the free WordPress Theme that you start with or pick another free one. But if you want a good website you’re gonna need a professional theme. It will cost you money. But it will make your life 1000 times easier. They are very easy to customize and set up. There are two parts to this. The first is the framework. The second is the theme itself.

Framework | In order to get a good professional theme you need Framework. The framework is like a program that can support complex themes. The two major players in the framework game are Genesis and Thesis. I have both of these frameworks, and can tell you hands down that after the new Thesis 2.1 has come out, Thesis is king. It is incredible how easy it is to customize your site. All you do is upload your theme and click away to get what you want. No coding, no bullshit. Once again you have to pay for these. There are different plans for different amounts of money. I went all in and bought the 197.00 Thesis 2.1 Professional with exclusive themes and unlimited upgrades for life. It has already been worth its money, since I purchased a new thesis came out and I had first access to it for free. I will never have to buy framework again.  Although Thesis is a much stronger framework to customize your site with, Genesis has some really good looking themes that you cannot get from Thesis. And don;t get me wrong Genesis is fantastic and is very simple to customize, but I just think Thesis is a little bit more advanced. The choice is yours. **I recommend finding a theme that you like first, and then buy the framework that that theme will run with.

– Buy Thesis Framework Here

 Buy Genesis Framework Here

Themes | Themes are the design of your website. Unless you are a master at CSS and HTML you do not want to spend weeks designing a website that won’t look half as good as a professional one. There are many companies out there that design themes for Thesis and Genesis and sell them on the web. Again, there are free themes, but these pretty much suck.

 Buy Themedy Themes Here | The MENprovment Theme Is From Themedy

– Buy Genesis Themes Here


So now that you have a beautiful working website its time to make some money with it. Click here to find out how.


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