Here I am having graduated from college. Now as I look back on the days I have spent in my alma mater, I recall crazy parties, hanging around with my fraternity pals, and hooking up with pretty girls. But in fact, my college life was not a bed of roses. Sleepless night, juggling part-time jobs I had to take to repay my student loans, and low self-esteem were only some of the problems I had to deal with in college. I managed to overcome my shyness, incertitude, and tendency to retreat into myself every time I confronted failure.

This article is not so much a guide to becoming a party starter and landing hot girls in college as it is a set of useful tips on fixing a lame social life and becoming a more self-confident and outgoing guy, well-liked and respected by other students. So, let’s take a look at some useful recipes for boosting your popularity with girls in college.

Keys to Popularity

Most people believe the guys who have fun all the time are the first to elicit attention from girls who, according to estimates, comprise almost 60 percent of the total college students. That’s the main reason there are so many freshmen striving to join a fraternity at any cost. Fraternities are famous for wild parties with rivers of alcohol, unseemly but devastatingly fun contests, and lots of single girls looking for a nice guy to land. Those who want to be popular stick with those who have already won the popularity, it’s a law. Introverts, loners, and geeks are commonly stigmatized as “weird,” simply because they are a minority that doesn’t crave to be around the representatives of the college elite.

So, if you don’t want to wait until your charisma wins over dozens of girls’ hearts, you’ll need to take on a herd mentality and start having and creating fun. You can provide booze for parties, hang with undergrads, or take the initiative to organize some fun activities yourself. It also can be cool if you throw your own party and summon herds of folks to have unrestrained fun. Still, throwing parties is quite an expensive pleasure to afford. So, you may consider inviting your pals to a bowling event or get some nice guys over for a couple of drinks. Just remember not to be shy. Girls like those who can make others have a good time. Believe me, being able to arrange leisure activities is an indispensable asset in college, where there is not much room for relaxation. There were times when I used to sleep for 3 hours and eat once a day, simply because there were too many assignments to complete and lectures to attend. Plus, I had to work… It never occurred to me that I could get someone professional to write a research paper for me. If I were that experienced back then, I would have surely enlisted the help of a reputable writing service and had much more free time to have fun.

Once you have established your own circle of friends, start establishing contacts with the guys who are popular with girls and generally considered as cool. It doesn’t mean you should start fawning on those you want to integrate yourself with. Subservience won’t do you any good. Emulating cools guys is also a waste of time. Instead, try making casual conversations with them, be amicable and unobtrusive.

Never shy away from people who are not as cool as, let’s say, fraternity members. Try to make friendly relations with as many people as possible. (Worthwhile people, I mean). Behave decently. Never stoop to insulting and spreading gossip about people, even in conflicting situations. Become the person everybody knows and likes.

Friendly flirting can also help you win girls’ affection. If you are confident enough, you may hug and kiss girls whenever you meet them without crossing the line.

Final Thoughts on Being Popular in College

I have presented you with some tips on how to become popular with girls in college. Now you understand that it’s up to you to mold yourself into a cool guy well-versed in the matters of flirting and picking up the nicest girls in college. So stop overburdening yourself with meaningless doubts and unreasonable fears. Go ahead with making new acquaintances, having fun with other students, and arranging hook-ups with cuties. Moreover, don’t be afraid of asking for help when your schedule is falling apart. Have such a respected company as write your academic paper and make more time for hanging with the girls. Who knows, maybe, your college won’t only pave your way towards a brilliant career, but also help you find the “one” to share your life with.


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