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I bet you’ve heard some men say that “being a man is hard”, well it truly is. One of the hardest things about being a man is knowing how to attract beautiful, high-quality women. 

Ladies have many endearing qualities that men look out for, and it can vary from person to person. But no matter what your needs are, the number one way of attracting a good woman is by being interesting yourself.

I have put together 10 ways to make you more interesting. These tips are ideal for any kind of man or personality. Just by following a few of these tips, you’ll become a more interesting and attractive man to women


1.Master how to cook your favorite dish 

Have you ever wondered why skilled chefs get a lot of female attention? That’s because women find men attractive who can cook. It’s a very sexy quality in the eyes of a woman because men who can actually cook are few and far between.

When it comes to setting the mood, there are some sexy and romantic dishes that you can master. Decadent recipes and aphrodisiacs such as creamy Robiola or grilled oysters are a great way to impress that special lady. But if you’ll prefer something more understated, then go for a dish that you’re more comfortable with.

Cooking requires a lot of forethought, but it doesn’t take much time to learn how to cook or master one dish. Whatever dish you choose to learn, you must give it your full attention during the learning process. You want to cook it in the most delicious way possible and present it professionally.


2. Travel to exotic places

Everyone loves to hear a good travel story, and the ladies particularly find it interesting. When a man has been to an exotic faraway land, country, or continents like Australia or Africa, the ladies will enjoy hearing about it.

Sharing your experience of this adventure will transform how girls look at you. It could also change the way you look at yourself because seeing a different world, with new cultures and a new way of life makes you appreciate the small things in your own life. It is a life-changing experience one that will make you appear more attractive to women.

It could be a trip for work or a holiday. Pick a place that many people have not visited and make it your destination. Exotic travel adventures are a great conversation starter and are sure to get the ladies asking you more questions. You can go from being a stranger, to an adventurous and very attractive acquaintance in just one encounter.


3. Take a salsa dance class

Men who can dance are extremely sexy. Any kind of dance will push your sexiness-meter sky high. But if you can swing a truly sexy dance like salsa, then women will automatically assume that you are fantastic in bed. 

The connection between a great dancer and a great lover stems from the fact that salsa requires a lot of intimate movements. Once you master these sexy steps, it is generally assumed that you will be a good lover.  

Learning a new dance step, especially one as difficult as salsa is a great confidence booster. I encourage men to do things they enjoy and love, because it is the easiest way to learn. When you exude confidence on the dance floor, the ladies can practically see it and you will get a lot of attention for it.


5. Be knowledgeable about current events

Stay up to date on current affairs like politics, sports, news and technology. Staying up to date means that you can have a meaningful conversation with any woman. Even when she is in the know, it is still important that you are not caught unawares.

Stay updated by reading the news and popular blogs or watching TV news channels. The Week is a great website that can give you a quick breakdown of what’s going on in the world. Spend just 5 minutes every day checking out this website and you can hold any conversation that’s thrown your way.

You can also start interesting conversations because of your broad knowledge base. Once you find out what her interests are, just pick from any recent news on the topic and fire away. She will feel like you connect and have similar interests. Sharing similar interests with a woman you are attracted to is one of the best ways to connect emotionally.

5. Wear attractive clothes and accessories

What’s the first thing a woman notices about a man? Is it the hair, physique, clothing, shoes, wallet… Where do their eyes go to first? 

Women will naturally look at your wristwatch, shoes and even your wallet whenever you bring it out. There is a saying that goes like this, “men look, and women see”. What this saying means is that men admire women, while women inspect men. 

Some guys think that being attractive is basically about sex appeal, facial or physical features. This premise is very wrong. If you want to attract the attention of a quality woman, you must pass her inspecting eyes. 

Sometimes what you wear (shirts and trousers) is kind of obvious, that is why some women look out for the not-so-obvious things like your wallet or shoes that give away your true personality. 

There are many ways to pass this inspection and this could be through your clothes, accessories or shoes. Women will naturally notice a mans’ wallet, wristwatch, and shoes. In fact, these accessories will determine whether or not you are fashionable.

A quality wallet or wristwatch is a man’s best friend. Women look out for quality in men’s appearance. No woman wants to date a man with an old, overstuffed wallet, or old unfashionable wristwatch. Your appearance is sort of a tell-tale sign about your general lifestyle and taste. 

Presenting yourself as a sophisticated man will make you stand out and appear more attractive to women. When you stand out from the crowd, you will look more interesting and the ladies will want to know you better. 


6. Go on a local adventure

I already talked about traveling to an exotic place, but what about doing something interesting in your local environment? A local adventure like a marathon or any other special activity will do the trick. Men who are active in their local community and take part in activities are seen as more responsible and trustworthy.

These are really attractive features that make a man appear more dependable. You can join a sports club or a local environmental group. As long as you are not unleashing mayhem in the community, ladies will be attracted to you.

Tour your environment and discover some interesting new things to do. Explore areas that you’ve never been before and open your horizon to more possibilities. All cities have endless opportunities, so pick one that you know you will enjoy doing. The experience will be good for you as it will give you the chance to become more rooted in your community.


7. Take an art class

Men who are artistic in nature are sexy and more attractive to women. Put simply, art is sexy! 

For ages now, artistic men have enjoyed the attention of women. Why is this so? Creativity is attractive on a man or woman. It shows that you are sensitive and imaginative. Not only will people find you more interesting, you will also appreciate yourself more. 

Creativity is a great confidence booster and men with confidence are sexy. You can recreate existing art, or create a new work of art. The idea is to make something new that is beautiful and inspiring. Even when people don’t understand your artwork, the fact that you are creative is a turn on.

Get started by joining an art class like drawing, music, photography, painting, carving etc. Choose one that you enjoy so that even if it doesn’t get you any female attention, at least you know it was fun. 


8. Ask her any question

Friendships usually start with small talk and conversation is what builds interests in women. Most guys are moved by what they see, but women are moved by what they hear. So every time you talk to women, make sure that you are interesting and different.

I’m not talking about the regular one-liners here. You must ask questions that are unique and different. Questions that show that you are insightful, considerate and thoughtful. Women will find you interesting if your questions and conversations are not the regular kind.

Don’t prattle on for long even if you have intelligent things to say. This is not about knowledge, but about evoking certain feelings in the woman. Instead of asking a question like “what do you do for a living?”, ask her “if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be? 

You will appear more interesting by asking her questions that connect with her emotional side. For many ladies, a considerate man is one who cares about their thoughts and feelings. When you can get her to express her feelings, she will have a more profound response to you. 

You can also be interesting when you listen to a woman attentively. Ladies love a good listener, and you can show how well you’re listening by asking her unique questions. Listen attentively and ask her a question that shows that her feelings are important, then you would have scored big with her on an emotional level.


9.Read self-improvement books

Reading a book on self-improvement will bolster your self-confidence and help you grow as a person. Some books are motivational in nature, while others simply attempt to change your view of life. All self-improvement books will open new doors to new ideas you never thought existed. 

These books will turn you into an interesting human being immediately. They make for some very interesting conversations and allow you to see others from a new perspective. Teaching and sharing this information will also make you a more interesting and focused man in the eyes of the ladies.

In some people, the effect wears off after a while, but the point of it is that you will feel mentally energized for a period of time. Not only will you feel inspired, you may find that your attitude to life and ideals may change permanently. 

I have known people who have gone on to do awesome things simply because of the influence of a great book. So if you are looking for a tip that will change how women see you, this is one of the most positive and life changing ways.

10. Be a “yes” man

If you will succeed at being interesting and attractive, you must be amenable to new experiences. Avoid situations that don’t help you grow as a person and say yes to as many new experiences as possible.

Life is an adventure, and you must see every experience as a stepping stone to newer and more inspiring things. Don’t have a defeatist attitude to life because women find negativity to be very unattractive. Instead, look for every opportunity to try new foods, sports, trips, restaurants etc.

Your “yes” attitude will become infectious and you will come out looking like a leader. Some say women are attracted to powerful men, but did you know that you don’t have to be a political leader to be powerful. How you take on life and the challenges you face and overcome can show a woman how powerful you are.

I’m not talking about taking risks like bungee jumping or speed racing etc. What I’m referring to is your attitude and approach to life. Be positive and flexible. Look for every opportunity to make a positive change in your environment and most of all, be considerate and kind.


An attractive man is bold, a great listener, considerate, sensitive, has great taste etc., the list goes on and on. What some women will go crazy for, may not have the same effect on others. As long as you have fun making yourself attractive to the opposite sex, you would have lost nothing in the process.

Now it’s time to make an impression. Go out, explore, experience life, and have fun.



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