Men are animals.

That’s not a commentary on attitudes or behavior, it’s a fact: men (and women, for that matter) are technically animals.

Like nearly every other animal on the planet, our sense of smell is an important part of how we perceive the world around us from day to day. It’s the most primal of our senses, triggering responses that are often instantaneous, instinctual.

What few seem to realize is it’s also an important part of how others perceive us. This is why it’s important to smell your best.

Your Scent Is Your Introduction

People are judging you constantly. Not in a bad way, necessarily; we all assess the people we encounter, usually subconsciously, and often at a glance. Before you get the chance for a verbal introduction people have already taken note of things like your build, your hairstyle or grooming, the way you’re dressed and, especially in close quarters, your scent.

How you smell is more important than you might think. While our assessments of people’s fashion choices are based on our own preferences and personal tastes, our reactions to smells are instinctive—it’s that animal nature in us—and, for better or worse, they can make a lasting impression.

The Power to Influence People Without a Word

We all want some level of command over our interactions with people. Mastering your scent can translate to mastery of your influence on those around you. A good cologne can subtly but significantly improve the impression people have of you. In fact, it can even impact how you view yourself.

The right scent can make you feel more attractive, which can have a positive effect on how you carry yourself. The more confidence you exude the more likely people are to respond positively to you.

A good fragrance can also make you seem more attractive to others. It goes back to those instinctive, animalistic responses; certain scents power straight past the rational mind and trigger feelings, sometimes powerfully. The right cologne can mean an instant boost in sex appeal.

Your signature scent—one that’s not only your favorite but suits you well—becomes something people associate with you. It’s a quick reminder of your past interactions and can reinforce the impressions that you’ve made.

Power Misused is Power Wasted

Most of us know enough to avoid stinking up the place but give our scent little thought beyond that. If you settle for a quick shower and a few swipes of deodorant before you head out the door, you’re not alone: Only 36% of men wear cologne on a regular basis. Of that 36%, most of them are doing it wrong.

While the vast majority of men fail to make proper use of fragrances, missing out on the benefits of mastering their scent, you don’t have to be one of them. Learn the right way to choose and use colognes, stand out from the crowd, and get the power to make a better impression at every turn. Learn how to do so with the below infographic!


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