True love transforms human beings! He who loves knows how to hear the sound of the stars and the melody of the sea. To love is to transcend oneself and to do something grandiose for the beloved; there is nothing more wonderful than to unite with our soulmate and through it to God. It is through union that the souls previously separated are merged and thus the beginning and the end touch and eternity happens. I guess you found it in the pass!

When we meet a person for the first time and feel, what their eyes say to their hands, everything in that person touches us, we even think: “I do not know how to define what I feel! I feel what your skin says about your scent and the subtle vibrations, it is as if that person were part of me, it is a strange sensation, but wonderful at the same time and I feel complete, but how can you feel such attraction and complimentarily by a person totally unknown to me. It is my will to run and throw myself into your arms. ”

If you have ever had a situation like this, it is because you have met one of your soulmates. In certain reincarnations we are divided into a female part and a male part, we are always looking for our other part. This is the reason why you need spiritual advice in your relationship. Love happens when we find the other part of ourselves; in each life we ​​have the mission to find one of those parts that is our soulmate. When this does not happen, the heart becomes sad and suffers. It may be the case that in one incarnation we find two, three or more twin souls. It is through love that we accumulate experiences learned in many lives. We are responsible for all the other parts of ourselves that are scattered around the world, we have an obligation to be our best friend and happy. If we are not, we become unhappy like the rest of us, “our soulmates.”

How to Attract Your Soulmate

If you have a great desire to find your soul mate, open your heart and call it so that it comes to you. The greater the self-knowledge is, the easier it will be to attract and identify your soul mate. Keep in mind that if she is your soul mate this means that she is largely the same, if she does not accept herself and does not know herself properly, how can she recognize and accept the other part of herself? She likes you or not, it doesn’t change her on the whole.

Even if you think you will receive your soul mate with joy, until today this has not happened, this situation may have happened for two reasons: not being emotionally prepared to let you into your life, because there is still a lot of spiritual healing work to do, that is, it has not yet accepted itself as it is.

What beginners don’t realize is that everyone will get their match according to their respective capacities. Wolves can’t get cows as their life partners and vice versa. This is very much related to what is commonly called the law of attraction. But what is the law of attraction?

The Law of Attraction

Satisfaction. My relationship with this word is complicated. In my ears it sounds like: I agree that it is no different and can’t be otherwise. I think that it can always be done differently. Not without consequences, but everything can be different. Note: this is something different than accepting what is! This does not exclude that you can do even better. What that “better” may be. Here acceptation of the present is precisely a condition for achieving more.

Satisfaction Sounds so Passionless

As left and sighing … as if you have given up and are completely extinguished. Too tired to be able to desire more. This is of course my glasses so I see and experience satisfaction, but that’s what it’s about. If someone says to me and that has happened regularly: ‘you have to learn to be satisfied’, everything revolts me, almost in a pubertal way. I then feel a tremendous energy impulse coming up, but words fail me to serve the bringer of this message as a reply. They do not understand it. You do not have to settle for satisfaction in my opinion. You may desire more without being spoiled or dissatisfied. It is your birthright to be happy and your nature to always desire more but without being dissatisfied. I think that some eyebrows now shoot up.


Here is the point: being happy with what you have and longing for more. With this you open the channel to “received”. It is also called the law of attraction. However, the law is as old as the universe. Plato, Newton, Beethoven, Shakespeare and Einstein all made use of the Law of Attraction and even secretly gave lessons in it! In daily life, for example, we see the law reflected in the expressions ‘who does well, who meets well’; ‘You will reap what you sow’. And that is exactly what the Law of Attraction is about: that what you give, you get back. There are religions where this karma is mentioned.

The Law

Everything we can perceive, but also what we can’t perceive, consists solely of energy. Here, science has long since agreed. Your thoughts are also energy. Energy is nothing but vibration in which the various kinds of energy differ from vibration frequency. Negative thoughts, and therefore negative energy, have a low vibration frequency. Positive thoughts and therefore positive energy has a high vibration number. The law says: that what corresponds to each other attracts each other. If you love a girl you have to approach her in good manners otherwise you’ll get all bad things from her.

It is just like the radio. If you tune to radio 3 you can’t expect your radio 538 to be heard. Those frequencies do not come across one. In my surroundings I often hear: “Yes, but I know exactly what I want and what my dreams are, why not that happens?” Because you want it from a feeling of lack, also called poverty awareness. That is a negative emotion with a low vibration frequency and so you attract more energy with a low vibration frequency. If you are in a situation where you accept that it is as it is and from there you wish better and better things than you are in the right energy. And that is still quite a job I can tell you. The law always works, whether you know it or not. Just like with gravity; you do not have to believe in it, but you can use knowledge of this law to your advantage.

Positive Mindset

The trick is indeed to train yourself in being positive in your thoughts and therefore in your emotions. Try to think about what you want in your life instead of what you do not want. You already feel what those two different thoughts do with your emotion. The first feels hopeful and the second feels heavier. Just look around you in your own environment; the people who complain the most; what does their life look like? And people who seem to be stuck with everything, what sound do they hear. What do they radiate?

What can be concluded is that karma also applies to your end result. If you do a lot of bad things then what you get will be bad and so if you do all your efforts in good ways then you will get a quality soulmate.


  1. Being spiritual will take us closer to our soulmate, your soulmate will find you when you stop looking for and your soul makes the job.


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