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Marketing is the crux of any business – be it whether you are buying a product or selling a service. Earlier marketing was all about direct marketing or face-to-face marketing. Over the time, as everything else has evolved, so has marketing.

Marketing is all about making people aware of your brand or service – in short, it’s all about engaging the customer. With the advent of the digital age, the face of marketing has also gone digital. Social media has changed the marketing scenario entirely.

The current generation no longer talks about the conventional ways of marketing, instead it’s all about digital marketing and social media marketing and using platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and so on to market your products and services. “The more the followers the more popular you are”.

It’s now all about how much of the masses have you managed to reach out to and how many of them have you managed to engage n your page. Out of all the social media platforms, earlier it was Facebook and now it’s Instagram. Instagram is now so popular, that as a quick solution to digital and social media marketing, businessmen are looking to buy Instagram followers.


Evolution of Social Media

The digital age has seen many social media platforms come and go. The population would start engaging on one platform and then there would another platform that would be launched, with some new features and everyone would move on to the new platform and the old platform was forgotten.

In recent times, the most recent and popular platform is Instagram. A global level platform which deals with visuals and engages more than 8 million users every month. Just imagine – if you manage to connect and engage these people on your Instagram page, the growth that your business would see is phenomenal.

Further, as far as Instagram is concerned, whether for business or even personal reasons, the first thing people see is how many followers your page has – an indication for how popular you are or your brand is. The popularity factor has become so high when it comes to Instagram that people are even looking to buy Instagram followers, which would help increase the number of followers.


So what can you do to increase your followers and in turn increase your brand’s popularity?

A couple of quick tips that you can quickly follow to increase your followers or popularity on Instagram. Firstly, use the business profile option on Instagram; which will provide an option of adding in your contact details on the page in the “bio” section so that people can get in touch with you if they want to.

Further, you can check the insights of your profile – as to how many people are visiting or engaging on your page. Run ads to promote your page and engage more Instagram users. And finally, having a business profile would increase the chances of your post being seen in the feed. Get your followers from other social media platforms to follow you on Instagram.

Connect with people who are already there on Instagram and have a huge and loyal follower base. These are your influencers. The influencers have already done the hard work of building their audience; what we need to do here is leverage their influence. Partner with the influencers that have the right audience for your product or service.

If you surf the web, you will realise the ideas and the tips will never. This is just to get you started. As you spend more time on the app, you will figure out strategies that work best for you. As the saying goes – Rome was not built in a day. Patience and constant marketing and monitoring is the key to making your page and product more popular.


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