Pheromone Infographic

We had a post last year about pheromones, and if they actually work. If you want the results of my test go check it out. Or watch the video here (do pheromones work via

Long story short, my use of pheromones, and knowledge of them, concluded that they do work – but not in the way people want them to. They totally worked when I had a girl in my bedroom ready to have sex. With her inhibitions down, the pheromones let her animal instinct take over.

But walking down the street, thinking girls will flock to you if you’re overweight, dressed like a slob and not holding proper body language is foolish. And won’t work. The pheromones may enter and effect her brain, but her rational mind will override their effect. (This is my opinion)

But my buddy at is all about them and knows pheromones a lot more than me. So he crafted this sweet infographic for us.

So have a look at how to use pheromones more effectively and which ones are best.

Remember! Pheromones should never be a replacement for hard work, the correct mindset and attracting women naturally. Learn how to do that here.

But if you have mastered that, I do think that pheromones can boost you up even more. I mean they exist, and it’s scientifically proven. And we know that just a 1% boost can make all the difference.

So have a look, and decide for yourself:

pheromone infographic



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