How Not to Catch a Heat Stroke While Wearing a Business Suit This Summer

How Not to Catch a Heat Stroke While Wearing a Business Suit This Summer

We all know that a business suit is the go-to formal wear at work, at a special event, or at a job interview. However, during the summer, this type of attire can be downright uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, you can’t just wear shorts and a tee shirt just because it is hot especially in a formal office environment. We all wish there were cooler alternatives, but what can you do about it?

Well, there are a few ways you can beat the heat when you are wearing a suit so you can stay cool and comfortable all day long. Nothing is worse than being hot and sweaty. Here are some essentials to stay cool the next time you are getting dressed to impress in a business suit.

The Basics

One of the most basic things you’ll need to wear under your dress shirt is a comfortable and light undershirt. While the additional layer may sound like it won’t keep you cool, it’ll actually help you avoid those embarrassing sweat marks under your arms.

Let’s face it; no amount of underarm deodorant is going to keep your underarms dry. This is why an undershirt is essential because it’ll act as your first defense against sweat. Look for 100% cotton undershirts for maximum breath-ability or opt for a shirt with moisture-wicking material which will also help you stay cool.

But don’t forget to go with a white undershirt because if you wear a different color, it could show through your top layer and that’s just unacceptable.

The Jacket

The big and hefty suit jacket can be grueling on a hot summer day, so check out unlined jackets because they will allow for more air to pass through. This can keep your core much cooler and you’ll carry less heat around your body.

But don’t forget wearing a jacket throughout the entire day is not totally necessary. When you are on your way to your destination, whether it’s driving, taking the train or walking a few city blocks, keep the jacket off.

Casually hold it over your shoulder so when you arrive to your destination, you can put it back on without being too hot.

Color Alternatives

While your closet may be filled with black business suits, you should consider suits in lighter colors. Dark fabrics and colors absorb more heat from the summer sun and colors like light blue, tan and gray can help reflect the heated rays from the sun.

On top of that, light color suits are on the rise when the temperatures creep up so you won’t be the only one sporting them.

Ditch The Wool

Most people know that wool is not the most lightweight or airy fabric but almost every standard suit comes in wool. But did you know you can find a business suit that is crafted with fabrics that are more comfortable?

Start looking at linen suits that give you that professional, tailored look without the heavy, heat-bearing materials. Additionally, other natural fabrics like cotton with open weaves or high twist wools can keep you cool all day long.

Silk Ties

If you have to wear a tie – go with silk. Silk is one of the most breathable and lightweight fabrics, making it an ideal choice for ties. You can attest to the times where your neck gets hot and clammy with a traditional tie which makes a silk tie the go-to choice.

If your company requires you to wear a specific color or have a certain logo on the tie, you can still get this type of silk tie by making custom ties online. Plus, silk is less susceptible to wrinkling which is a major bonus.

Saving Your Brow

Sweat is our body’s natural response to heat, and when you are making your way through town, it can be your worst enemy. But instead of letting sweat encompass your brow, use a silk pocket square to keep it dry.

You don’t have to keep it exposed in the pocket when you get to where you need to be, but it looks better than carrying around crumpled up tissues in your pocket or a handkerchief.

Backup Shirt

Who says you can’t have a backup shirt in your desk or briefcase? This nifty trick can help you avoid the hot and sweaty look! Keep a spare shirt in a neutral color as a replacement if your shirt gets sweaty and gross.

Or as a pro tip, don’t wear your dress shirt or jacket until you get close to your destination. Similar to what was mentioned above, you can quickly put on your dress shirt when you get into the parking lot or run to the restroom.

If you hit the restroom, this will give you a minute to wash your face and polish your look before you start the day.

Skip The Laces

Wearing a suit doesn’t mean you have to wear black, lace-up dress shoes with socks. Instead, opt for formal looking loafers that you can wear without socks. This little tip can keep your feet cool and you won’t have to deal with tying your shoes.

The small inconvenience is just frustrating time after time and you can completely avoid that with formal loafers.

All these tips to stay cool this summer aren’t only limited to those in the professional world though. Even grooms and groomsmen can use these tips. Outdoor weddings are all the rage this summer which means men in all that formal wear will be under the sizzling sun!

You wouldn’t want to look like a sweaty mess in all those pictures the photographer is going to capture. If you are a groom or groomsmen, check out these wedding tips to stay cool and collected during the big day.

Whether you are wearing a suit in the office or for a wedding, these essentials can help you beat the heat and look good doing it for the rest of the summer.


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