How Much Weight Do You Lose on Nutrisystem?

The first thing you would like to know about any weight-loss diet program is how much pounds you can shed from it. Therefore, utmost research is required in order to find a reputable and realistic weight loss program or a diet plan like Nutrisystem, and not just a fad diet for weight loss.

Nutrisystem is a diet program that is portion-controlled, featuring pre-packed foods delivered to your doorstep. Its programs are different for men and women, as well as senior citizens. It also has meal plans for vegetarians, as well as for patients with type 2 diabetes.

The meal plans in Nutrisystem are usually lean protein and carbohydrates, all with low glycemic index like vegetables and whole grains. This way you do not become hungry in between meals and start binging on the extra calories.

In addition, to its pre-packed foods, you will be required to supplement your meal plan with six daily servings of fresh fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy as well as lean protein, all purchased from the grocery stores.

Moreover, its menu has more than 150 different dishes to choose from, all designed by registered dieticians and delivered monthly.

Weight Loss Expectations

Nutrisystem is a weight-loss meal plan, designed for healthy weight loss and should not be used as a crash diet. Participants on it can lose 1-2 lbs. per week. Likewise, you may lose more weight quickly in the first few weeks of the program. However, losing excessive weight loss is unlikely to happen.

Since it is a healthy weight-loss meal plan, you can stay on it for as long as you want and lose as much weight as you want.

Improving Weight Loss on Nutrisystem

The best way you can improve on your weight loss journey via this meal plan program, is to complement it with exercise to see his results. However, this meal plan does not require exercise as part of its program, but it encourages it. The company often sells exercise DVDs that feature cardio-walking and strength training.

Another way that you can ensure that you lose weight appropriately via this meal plan is to eat the full six servings of vegetables and fruits per day, as it recommends.

How Nutrisystem works

This meal plan often provides several meal programs for different people, and on different budgets. You will find separate programs for men and women, as well as many options for people over 60, and older, those with type 2 diabetes, and even vegetarians.

Each of the plans in this meal program provides three meals per day, plus one snack for women and two snacks for men.

You can choose your own meals with each plan or choose the Favourites Pack where meals are selected for you. It is recommended that you start with the Favourites Pack.

After you subscribe to this program, food is delivered to your door. Therefore, if your sign up for auto-delivery, you will continue to pay for as well as receive orders every four weeks until you chose to cancel your subscription.


One drawback with this system is that it does not teach you how to prepare and cook your own low-calorie meals. As a result, you may end up gaining weight after you leave the plan.

As a health precaution always, consult a doctor before opting to lose weight via this diet plan.


In conclusion, it is better to do your research no matter the kind of diet plan or meal plan you want for your weight loss journey. So do your homework, and opt for one that fits your lifestyle, the healthy way.

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