How Medical Marijuana Treats Lupus

Medical marijuana is a hot topic and the use of marijuana for treating various conditions has been widely debated and discussed in the US and across the world. In particular, using marijuana as a treatment for lupus is an important issue. Research has shown that marijuana may have promise as an effective treatment. Does that mean that marijuana can treat lupus? What are the medicinal benefits of marijuana for lupus and similar conditions?

Here we take a look at lupus, the reasons for treating lupus with cannabis and the benefits of marijuana for this condition. 

Defining Lupus

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease. It occurs when the immune system becomes hyperactive and it starts to attack the body’s healthy tissues, instead of attacking pathogens. In lupus, the body cannot effectively differentiate between viruses and dangerous bacteria, and healthy tissue. Therefore, in lupus the body directs its antibodies not just at viruses and bacteria but at the healthy tissue, too. This causes pain, inflammation, and tissue damage. The severity of lupus varies from very serious to mild and it can affect any part of the body. There is unfortunately no cure for lupus, but there are treatment strategies that can help to manage the symptoms of the condition. For example, medical marijuana is said to help. 

Can You Use Medical Marijuana to Treat Lupus?

Medical marijuana for lupus is increasing in popularity. Recent research has shown that it could be a promising treatment for people suffering from lupus and for those suffering from other autoimmune diseases. This is based on the fact that marijuana helps to decrease levels of inflammation. It does this by suppressing different parts of the immune system. This means that marijuana could potentially be useful for lupus, since it can help to decrease the abnormal response from the immune system that causes pain and inflammation. 

Going into more detail, medical marijuana lowers interleukin-2 and increases levels of interleukin-19 in the body. These are proteins that have roles to play in inflammatory responses in the body. 

How to Benefit From Medical marijuana

You do not have to get “high” to treat lupus and other autoimmune diseases with marijuana. You don’t have to smoke marijuana. You can get benefits from CBD oil, which is a component of the cannabis plant that doesn’t have the same psychoactive properties as marijuana. Many people with lupus take high doses of this oil in the form of the oil directly beneath the tongue, or as a vape, or in capsules. 

If you suffer from lupus, check with your doctor to see if medical marijuana could be beneficial for your condition. You will also want to check local laws and procedures for using medical marijuana. According to scientific reports, medical marijuana may have benefits for those looking to reduce their lupus symptoms. It may be able to help reduce levels of inflammation and pain in the body. 

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