How Do Proteins Affect Your Life

Proteins, this is the most common word we hear when talking about weight or diet. Proteins are essential nutrients for a human body; they are among the building blocks of our body tissue.

They just don’t serve as an enhancement to the body tissue they also serve as a fuel to many. Protein deficiency can cause some serious damage to the body, few to be noted. This deficiency can be covered by proper diet, measured intake of nutrients or can also choose serious mass for quick results. One should get a minimum of 10% of the protein in your daily calories.


Protein deficiency can be identified by most common signs and swelling is one among them, Swelling in the abdomen, legs feet, and hands, etc. This is also called as edema, the protein that circulates in your blood helps in keeping fluids from building up in tissues. (There are many other factors that cause edema, protein deficiency can also be the cause).

Mood swings

Mood swings are very closely associated with hormones; protein deficiency can also aid in the mood swings. Neurotransmitter which is produced in the brain are made from amino acids, proteins are the building blocks of these, Neurotransmitters is the chemical, brain rely on transmitting information between the cells. So protein deficiency lack, effects in the production of neurotransmitters, affecting the brain function.

Nails, hair, and skin

Experiencing, brittle or thinning of hair, flaky or dry skin and thin lines (ridges) on the fingernails or chipping etc. Nails, hair, and skin are made of proteins like elastin, collagen, and keratin, protein deficiency is one among the causing these along with others. A good diet and proper protein intake can help aid in healing the damage.

Weakness and fatigue

After eating at the right time or good quantity, sometimes we still experience weakness or fatigue, that is because though you are taking it doesn’t contain proper nutrients required for the body, to perform its tasks. Protein deficiency results in lack of muscle which over time reduce your strength make it hard to move and keep balance. When your cells don’t get enough oxygen, it can make you tired.


When planning to lose weight especially, protein-rich diet is recommended, that’s coz, it takes time to absorb and keep you filled for quite some time, allowing you to curb the mid cravings effectively. And the same time though you eat a good amount of foot, still, you find hungry, that’s because your food is deficient in the quantity of protein ration intake required for the body. So keep check of the protein quantity intake.

Slow healing

Experiencing slow healing of the cuts, scrapes, sprains and any other muscle related mishaps during exercises, this can be associated with protein deficiency. As protein which helps in making of collagen being effect by the deficiency. Protein aids in blood clotting too.

The effort we put in making our self look fashionable, with proper makeup, radiant hazelnut Bella lenses, designer dress, footwear, these can only cover to the outer appearance. For contact lenses, we can search online like contact lenses Dubai. Irrespective the major attention every individual need to give is the inner function of the body for a healthy lifestyle, proper intake of nutrients, vitamins and constant check on health and fitness, can help an individual look radiating, young and energetic.

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