How Can You Pass A Drug Test?

Whether it is for a job interview or just for some medical reasons, we see many people go through these routine drug tests. Most of the jobs these days require people to go through drug tests in order to see if they are clean or not. That is one of the most important reasons why people want to know how to pass a drug test. Even if you are not addicted to marijuana and use it occasionally, your test results will be enough to let your application get rejected.

Most people that come for job interviews aren’t really marijuana addicts but they smoke pot casually. It is just a process of recreation. However, it is really important for them to clear the tests as well.

How Can You Pass The Drug Tests?

Well, although there are no legal consequences for having marijuana in America, people still have to go through these tests as these are federal programs which are mandatory for everyone. But what can you do to pass a drug test? Well, this is exactly what we are going to talk about in here.

Let’s get one thing straight. It is a drug test and you don’t have to be paranoid about it.

First things first, there’s nothing to be paranoid about. So, calm down.

Why Marijuana Stays In The System And How Does One Detect It

Before everything else, you need to know how exactly marijuana manages to stay in the system of yours. Also, you need to know for how long it lasts. Well, it is really important to make sure that you know which rumor is true and which is not. Most people think that marijuana actually stays in the body for about 6 months. That is certainly not true, to be honest. Marijuana has THC in it which creates the high that people feel when they smoke it. However, after reaching the liver, the THC component is broken and it then takes the form of THC-COOH. This new component is basically a drug that all the companies have tests for when it comes to recruiting someone.

There are many different levels of having THC-COOH and it totally depends on the person that is using it. Also, the frequency of drug use and the amount used also plays a very important role in deciding the level of THC-COOH.

How Long Will The Weed Stay In The Pee?

The metabolites of THC stay about 4 days in the urine of the person. However, for most people who haven’t smoked pot before, the duration can be a little less too. Similarly, if you are a regular smoker or an addict, then the duration will increase up to about 8 weeks depending on the use of the pot.

In the most extreme cases, the metabolites of THC have been seen in the blood of a person for up to about 16 weeks. That is certainly a long time for sure.

So, what can you do to pass a drug test? Well, we would recommend that you stop smoking about 1 month in advance before you are supposed to give the test. Now it can be pretty tough for the people who need marijuana regularly, but they have to make sure that it is out of their system completely.



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