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R-E-S-P-E-C-T is all a real woman really needs from her man. If you want to be the kind of man that enjoys a successful and loving relationship, showing your partner that you respect her is the first and most important step. Flowers, gifts and expensive nights out are all great, but if your partner doesn’t feel like she is getting the respect that she deserves, then you will likely struggle to keep things together.

Actions are always better than words in any type of relationship. Building trust and recognizing your partner as an individual are key to developing a strong and lasting bond. Showing respect should start from day one of your relationship.

Don’t crowd or pester her, show her you care about her health and welfare by getting a quick STD test, and demonstrate that you can actually listen instead of just waiting to respond in a conversation. If you want to be a better man and develop your skills in showing respect to your woman, keep some of the following tips in mind as you go through life as a couple that will make it where others fail.

Appreciate Your Differences

Every person carries their own individual history that has formed their opinions, lifestyle and morals, and this needs to be understood and respected. You will never be able to find someone who is a carbon copy of yourself so you will need to be able to understand and respect your differences

Take the opportunity to learn more about life and perspective from someone who has different experiences than you. A woman wants only to be able to be understood exactly as she is without the pressure to change to please someone else. Supporting her interests, hobbies and dreams is an important part of showing her that you respect her.


If you want to develop a strong connection in any kind of relationship it’s vital that you learn how to communicate in a mature and open way. Honest and open dialog is the key to developing trust with any partner. 

If you want to be really seen and understood then you will need to let down your guard and let your partner see the real you, faults and all. Your willingness to open yourself up to your partner will show her that you respect and care for her.


Having trust for your partner is about more than just knowing that they won’t cheat or betray you. The fact is, that if someone is going to cheat, there is very little that you can do to stop them so you may as well develop strong ties in your relationship by displaying your willingness to trust. 

Don’t hound or nag her about constantly staying in contact via calls or texts; give her the room to respond to you in her own time and convenience.

It goes without saying that respecting someone’s privacy is all about trust. Resist the urge to break that trust by going through your partner’s phone or computer or any other personal and private items.

A lack of trust early on in a relationship is more likely a reflection of your own issues. When you have dealt with breaks of trust in past relationships it is tough to not bring those fears into a new partnership. It is on you and you alone to deal with your issues of insecurities and not force your suspicions and baggage onto your partner.


If you have met someone wonderful and you are interested in forming a lasting bond and long term relationship, then you need to do the work that it takes. Respecting a woman for her strengths, weaknesses, talents and dreams is one of the most wonderful gifts that you can ever give her.


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