History of Coffee – Amazing Facts about Coffee and Caffeine

Most people pour their daily fixes of coffee without much thought. However, you need to know some fascinating facts about your daily cup of joe. Here are some fun facts about coffee that you probably did not know:

Coffee Beans Are Seeds

Coffee comes from cherry-like berries that are usually on the flowering shrubs. Although we call them beans because they look like legumes, they are actually seeds.

Only Two States Produce Coffee

The gift that the U.S offers the world is Kona coffee. USA has coffee in two states because it only thrives along the equator. The weather in Hawaii is great for coffee, which is why it is one of the states that produces coffee. The other state is California – it just recently joined the coffee game and churns out premium coffee bags.

The Most Expensive Coffee Costs $600 per Pound

The most coveted type of coffee is gotten from the feces of a palm civet. This cat-like animal feeds on coffee cherries but cannot digest them. It defecates the seeds in a state that is less acidic and smoother.
The excreted seeds are used to produce the world’s most expensive coffee called kopi luwak. However, animal rights activists have a problem with the production process of this coffee.

Espresso stands for ‘Pressed out’

Do you know the meaning of espresso? It is an Italian word that means pressed out. It refers to the process of making an espresso, which involves forcing boiling hot water to pass through coffee grounds. When you compare them per volume, you will find that an espresso has much more caffeine than coffee.
Do you want to be a coffee shop owner? Finding a good espresso machine is not easy but very important.

Coffee Drinkers Live Longer

According to research, people who drink about 3 to 4 cups of coffee per day tend to lead longer lives than those who do not. Drinking coffee reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and Parkinson’s. It is no wonder that regular coffee drinkers live longer on average.

Decaf Doesn’t Mean No Caffeine

Have you been driving decaf thinking that it does not contain any caffeine? According to Mayo Clinic, an 8oz cup of decaf coffee contains 2-12mg of caffeine. This is much lower than the usual 95-200mg of caffeine found in a regular coffee cup. A Coca-Cola can has 23-35mg of caffeine, which is about three times the caffeine in a cup of decaf.

Coffee Ground Are Good for the Skin

You should consider saving your leftover coffee grounds for a facial scrub. They can act as an exfoliator that removes the dead cells from your skin thus leaving it brighter and smoother than before. Even though there is not enough evidence to support this claim, caffeine is thought to improve the circulation of blood to the skin.

It is possible to Overdose on Coffee

Did you know that you can have a coffee overdose? However, you would have to drink up to thirty cups of joe within a short period. If you do it, you will end up with a lethal dose of caffeine in your system.

Coffee Dates Back to 800A.D

According to popular stories, herders in the 9th century discovered coffee after seeing the effect that it had on their goats. Apparently, the goats would dance after eating the coffee cherries, which made the herders curious about coffee. A local monk decided to make a drink from the plant and ended up staying awake for the whole night – this is how the first cup of coffee was made.

Brazil Is the Top Coffee Producer in the World

Brazil produces 1/3 of the coffee in the world. This is more than two times what the second biggest coffee producing country produces.

Finnish People Are the Biggest Coffee Lovers

The average Finn adult consumes about 27 pounds of coffee annually. When compared to the 11 pounds that an American adult consumes per year, you can see that Finnish people love their coffee.


Did you know all these facts about coffee? If you did not, now you have learnt some new information that you can use to show off when talking to your friends.

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