The debate whether students should hire professional essay writing services is ever ending. But we thought of trying our luck with the topic, and see what we can add to this debate. Therefore, we are going to discuss a few issues that are overlooked, and the wrong person often gets blamed in the end.


Why Students Hire Such Services?

There are different reasons why students acquire essay writing services.  It is possible the student has too much on their plate and wants a helping hand. Students are typically not good writers, especially who don’t speak English as their native language.

A major attraction of these writing services is a convenience; this motivates the student when they are not in the mood to write anything. These services are most popular among undergraduates who get the long and tough assignment on the pretty regular basis.

There are various reasons why students trust professional services instead of themselves. For example, if they don’t turn in the work, or do it in bad shape, it can ruin their GPA.

Therefore, they feel confident about professional services. On the contrary, they may be lazy and don’t want to do the work themselves.


Should You Get Help or Not

Most people will see it as cheating, but students don’t share the same consent. A professional touch makes the draft look much better. However, we are not saying these services won’t cause an issue.

For instance, if you didn’t write the assignment and your teacher finds out without giving you a chance to speak, it will be seen as you presented someone else’s work as your own, which means cheating in academic environments.

The situation also changes according to freelancer as some writers may hardly write better than you.  But this doesn’t call for a ban on freelance writing services. Banning essay writing services isn’t the solution, it’s just overlooking the issue, students who can’t or won’t do their work.


How to Solve This Issue?

The problem with essay writing industry is related to how the modern curricula were founded.  We should look into what makes the course so tough that students are pushed to hire professional services to help them with their homework.

Academics are judged by writing. A research paper is rejected if not written properly. Great writing skills are important for every field, especially History and Linguistics.  However, Chemists and Software Engineers may need to write like Nabokov to progress.


What can a Teacher Do?

Teachers need to reconsider the amount and standard of work they expect from students. The ability to write is important, and teachers should communicate it with their students. If a student faces trouble to write, be lenient and grant them more work or offer additional help.

This won’t push students into a corner where they will pass their assignments on someone else. The teacher has to address issues that promote students to consider (let alone hire) writing services. When you deliver this change, the student won’t need to hire anyone to do their homework.


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