Himalayan Salt Lamps – What Makes Them So Great? Medical Reasons Explained

When it comes to salt lamps, a common misconception is that they are only decent-looking accessories for tables and rooms. Yet, they hide so much in plain sight that when you know more about them, you would want to have one in every room. While there might not be scientific proof of their medical benefits, users have reported wonderful things.

For many centuries, Himalayan salt or just any salt has been used as a therapeutic treatment for many conditions. There must be a reason why you feel so fresh after a beach day right. Swimming and sunbathing have an affect of their own. Deep down, it is all the beach salt-soaked air you breathe and its invisible ions that cause this effect. You go down like a rock after a beach day right!

Therapeutic Treatment with Himalayan Salt

Long before medical science took its current shape and form, therapeutic treatment with Himalayan Salt was in full flow. People of the region even took their patients to the Himalayan salt mines where they would just soak in all the ions.

This made them clear from many allergies and enjoy much cleansed respiratory systems of their own. What happens with Himalayan salt on a medical level is that it releases negative ions. These ions cancel out any positive impure and harmful ones in the air we breathe.

You emerge out cleansed from the inside and free from many allergies previously in your system. This therapeutic treatment has been passed down in the generations as well.

Himalayan Salt Lamps for Asthmatic Patients

Asthma is a very common condition that is related with difficulty in breathing. Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps are made from large chunks of pink salt. With a glowing light-bulb in the middle, this salt emits useful salt filled fumes.

These help with controlling the asthma in asthmatic patients who breathe this naturally purified air. Ideally, you would want a giant piece of Himalayan salt to achieve best results. But your average sized salt lamps for a desk or shelf can also work great with a light bulb in them.

The light bulb produced heat that speeds up the salt gas emission process. Asthmatic patients have reported having to use their inhalers on a far less frequency when a salt lamp is in their room.

Halotherapy with Natural Salt Lamps

Halotherapy is a type of treatment that involves breathing salty air. This falls in line with our beach day example as well. Salty air has been known to treat respiratory conditions including the aforementioned asthma, many other allergies and chronic bronchitis.

It also helps with some skin conditions including eczema, acne and psoriasis. Halotherapy is a treatment offered in many places of the world. Typically, man-made salt caves are used for this treatment but similar effects can be experienced with smaller salt lamps.

When you have a right sized Natural Salt Lamp with a light-bulb glowing inside, same good effects can be enjoyed in any room.

Naturally Cleansed Air Helps with Insomnia

Insomnia is one of the more common medical conditions. Caused by many different factors, clean cleansed air can help with it a great deal. Cleansed air is what Himalayan Salt Lamps are known for. Even if they fail to provide any other said medical benefits, their air cleaning abilities can’t be argued with.

The negative ions they emit attach with any dust or impurities bringing them down on surfaces inside. You will probably get a dustier room though. But this dust is not brought in or pulled in by the salt lamp.

It was just there in your room and the salted air helped bring it down instead of it traveling through your nostrils. Insomnia patients from many conditions can find it much easier to sleep in a room with salt lamps in them.

Salt Lamps Help Reduce Electric Interference

Electric cables and wires are so common in today’s modern interiors that their presence is almost ignored. Current running through them might be of great use in our society but it also produces some harmful effects.

Electromagnetic radiation is a very common source of many conditions in human bodies. It all comes from the electric devices and wires that run them. Negatively charged ions produced by Natural Salt Lamps works in a way that they cancel out the positive ions from electricity.

This helps calm the mood and bring us down to normal operational levels deep inside our bodies. Your brain will be able to operate freely as well uncompromised by any electromagnetic radiation as well.

Salt Lamps Are Very Safe

A common misconception with salt lamps is that they can be hazardous in many situations. These do have an electric light bulb inside but good quality ones are designed perfectly to avoid any risks. Circuit breakers are in place that switch the bulb off cutting the charge when the lamp topples over.

Even around pets and children, their salt pieces are perfectly safe. Even if your dog decides to take a bite out of it, naturally it will be spewed out as it would be too salty. And salt is not known to kill dogs or any pets from its sour taste of course.

Make sure to keep them from crashing down on your floor and these will last a long time as well. These are perfectly safe and available for use on any tabletops or shelves you might have. You can use more than one in any room when looking to maximize their effects as well.

Bottom Line:

For the fact, there is still no scientific evidence discovered backing these arguments up. However, users have reported many great things from Himalayan Salt Lamps. Expert opinion also has it that anyone suffering from any of the mentioned conditions should at least give one a try.

A good quality salt lamp is available for under $50 retail price. It is inexpensive and simply harmless. Worst case scenario has it not offering any of the said benefits but still you would get a damn cool looking night light. It is a win, win situation if you ask u

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