A popular piece of decoration nowadays, is a Himalayan salt lamp, which can now be found in a huge number of households. The salt is claimed to be extracted from the famous Khewra Salt mines in Pakistan. These salt mines sit at the foothills of the great Himalayan range of mountains and are believed to be almost a million years old.

So, why is Himalayan salt lamp suddenly getting so much attention? Research shows that they, apart from being a very aesthetic piece of décor, refresh the air in your home. They also restrict allergies from spreading, rejuvenate your mood and help you get a comfortable sleep. 

Obviously, something that claims to be as beneficial as a salt lamp does raise some doubts regarding the validity of these benefits. 

So, let us talk about the credibility of the Himalayan salt and the salt lamps produced from it. 


What Are Himalayan Salt Lamps and Why Do People Use Them?

Produced by inserting a light bulb inside huge pieces of Himalayan salt, the best salt lamp emit a warm pink glow when the bulbs are lit. The pink shade of the salt helps the bulb produce this very distinct light color. If you want to verify the authenticity of the Himalayan salt lamp you have at your home, you must check if the lamp was produced in the Khewra salt mines of Pakistan. There are many other places which claim to be producing this beautiful real Himalayan salt lamp product. But the fact is, there is only one true origin of the salt lamp, which is Pakistan. 

The centuries-old salt extracted from the salt mines of Khewra produces this distinct color because of the presence of certain minerals that can only be found here. Without these minerals, the salt would look just like regular table salt. It is simply the difference in the chemical structure of the salt particles which gives us such a wonderful natural creation. A large audience of the salt lamp enthusiasts buy the Himalayan Salt lamps because of the way these lamps look. And how they add value to the ambiance of their homes. 

The health benefits are something that people are less aware of. That’s why we are here to tell you the awesome traits of this amazing product. And how a simple lamp can boost your health level. Himalayan lamps are significantly beneficial for asthma patients as they help keep the room airy. 



Sourced from the mineral-rich foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan, the salt crystal lamps are one of the most prized exports of Pakistan. The health benefits of these salt lamps have taken the world by storm with the pink salt lamp becoming a major part of the décor in a growing number of households. 


How Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

Known as “Natural ionizers”, pure Himalayan salt lamps can help change the composition of charges in the air because of their ability to induce polarization in the air. The ions, that we mentioned, are chemical compounds that have either a positive or a negative charge due to the number of electrons and protons in it. If there are more protons than electrons, then the ions are positively charged. If it is vice versa, the charges are negative. 

This process of polarization is something that happens naturally as well due to any changes in the environment. It is claimed that things such as radioactive energy, or tidal energy can help in the process of ion production (1)

What the Himalayan salt does is, it attracts certain water particles which have evaporated off in the air as a salt solution. When the heat from the lamp attracts these water particles, the air becomes ionized, usually with a majority of negative ions. This ionization can also be done through the use of something called air ionizers which are commercially available in the market. 

However, what we have mentioned above is simply a theory with no solid experiments showing the air ionizing capabilities of the salt crystal lamp. Ionization can occur in the presence of any sort of thing if the chemical composition promotes ionization (2)

Hence, we are still not sure whether the Himalayan Salt lamp produces ions. And if it does, what amount of ions does it produce? 



Although there are very limited proofs regarding this scenario, it is claimed that Himalayan crystal salt lamp can help the air in the process of ionization. The ions in the air have certain health benefits which can be a big plus point when considering to buy a salt lamp. However, the actual story of salt lamps producing ions is still unclear. 

What Are the Health Claims and Do They Stack Up?

The real Himalayan Salt lamp is usually paired up with three main health claims.


  • Improved air quality  


It is widely believed that salt lamps improve the air quality of the home. To be more concise, it particularly affects people who have some sort of respiratory problems. The salt crystal lamps, through its effects on the composition of air, can be extremely beneficial for people who have problems like asthma, allergies or throat irritations. 

However, the drawback is that it is just a claim without any solid groundbreaking research to prove if, in actuality, the Himalayan salts are the reason behind the improvement of air quality. It is also unknown whether the particles moving from the Himalayan crystal salt lamps can help get rid of unwanted pathogens in the air and purifying the air of the home. 

What might be confusing people is the ancient practice of Heliotherapy. In this therapy, respiratory diseases and people who had asthma were treated by spending time in salt caves. It is said that the salt in the air inside the caves helped in curing these chronic respiratory issues. The benefits of this are still unclear and we still do not know if it is the salt that is responsible for the cure or something else (3)

High-level emission of negative ions with the help of air ionizers, also, have not shown any significant health benefit for people with asthma or allergies. For what it’s worth, the presence of a salt lamp might just act as a placebo. But if it helps people get rid of respiratory problems subconsciously, it is definitely something one should invest in (4, 5, 6 ). 


  • They are great mood boosters. 


Some studies claim that salt lamps can have a huge role to play in helping boost moods when placed in a room. Studies on animals showed that being exposed to a high concentration of negative ions in the atmosphere might improve the serotonin levels of the animal body, which is essentially a hormone that promotes feelings of wellbeing and happiness (1). 

The same study on humans, however, did not show very promising results. There was no correlation between the concentration of ions and feelings of happiness. Hence, the claims are somewhat flawed. Researchers did, however, find that when exposed to higher ion concentrations, patients of depression and other mental illnesses showed signs of improvement in mood (7).

The limitation here is that there was no consistency in results when the dosage of the ion concentration was changed. It is also important to note that in these situations, we are assuming that the salt lamps contribute greatly to the ionization of air, which might not actually be the case. 

What we believe, however, is that depression and mental well-being is something that is objective. Something that cannot be quantified through science experiments. Therefore, even if a single person out of 100 shows signs of improvement in the mood because of Himalayan salt lamps, we consider it a sign of progress towards better mental health. 



  • They help induce sleep


There have not been any studies regarding the effects of real salt lamps on sleep. To make a judgment, we make use of the air ionization experiments to see if salt lamps can be correlated with a better sleep pattern. 

An analysis of air ionization and sleep did not show a correlation between high ionization and good sleep. One thing that can still be claimed is that the dim light from the salt crystal lamps is something that can help induce sleep. By replacing electric lights with warmer and more natural salt lamp lights, sleepiness can be promoted. 

Research regarding the use of warmer shades of color such as red widely shows the importance of the right color of light to help your brain drift off to sleep more calmly. Salt lamps can help in this way because of their warm and eye-friendly shade of color. 

Some other health benefits

    • Electronic devices at home, such as TV, cell phones and computers, release electromagnetic radiations. These radiations can cause stress, fatigue, and can weaken the immune system. Salt lamps help neutralize these harmful radiations. 


  • The hygroscopic function of Himalayan crystal lamps helps purify the air. It amazingly removes dust and other air containments, increasing the clean passage of air. 
  • Particular studies have shown that negative ions, emitted by real salt lamps, can boost the blood flow. 




Although the research suggests otherwise, many people widely claim and even market Himalayan Salt lamps by talking about the various health benefits salt lamps have to offer. Some of the most common ones being that they are mood enhancers, sleep inducers and that they improve the air quality. 

Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Have Any Other Benefits?

The health benefits claimed by salt lamps may not be credible enough for us to believe. But there are other benefits of keeping a real Himalayan salt lamp at your place. These include the following. 

  • Authentic Himalayan lamps are aesthetic. They add a very beautiful touch to the home décor. 
  • An ambiance of freshness is created in the atmosphere, adding a very relaxing and comfortable feel to your home.  
  • The best Himalayan salt lamps remove the need for lighting in the evening. The dim lights of the lamp create a soothing and calm environment. 
  • The best salt lamps, imported from Pakistan, can add a diverse set of décor to the home which is different from the traditional interior design of the house. 

These are just some of the reasons why keeping a real salt crystal lamp can enhance the ambiance of your space. 


Known for their soothing and relaxing dim lights, the pure Himalayan salt lamps are definitely something that can add value to any part of your home. Be it the bedroom or the dining area, these salt lamps are perfect and can be put up anywhere in the house. 


The Bottom Line

While the health benefits of a salt lamp may be a lie, there is no way of denying the fact that these products add significant aesthetics to your home. What people fail to see is that these magnificent creations have a beauty that is unparalleled. The amount of natural beauty, that a salt lamp boasts, is enormous making it a big enough reason for people to keep it at their home. The theories of health benefits from these salt lamps are something that should be researched and proved to make even more use of something as amazing as the Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Planning to buy authentic Himalayan salt lamps for your space? Well, you may wonder where to buy salt lamps that are real. We suggest customers to buy from renowned online sellers such as Fab Glass and Mirror salt lamps. The reason? Simply because they are guaranteed to be 100% authentic seller of the best salt lamps.  



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