What is High Self Esteem?

In a world where money and stature are the parameters for success, a lot of people become pressured to mold themselves into something they’re not. Due to this pressure, people tend to lose confidence and once high self esteem is tarnished. Slowly resign to the fact that they’re not good enough to meet theirs or anyone else’s standards.

high self esteem

Having low self-esteem may not seem a big thing for some people. For others, however, having such low levels of self-esteem is the same as a debilitating disease. Individuals with little or no confidence tend to become reclusive, which often hide and avoid personal conversations, relationships, and other interactions with people.

Others are so affected that they end up having a hard time finding a job. For those who do have jobs, their productivity and effectivity are the most hit. Fortunately, good leaders and managers can easily spot an employee who lacks a lot of high self esteem. Those employees who are unfortunate and do not receive any help or counseling from their leaders, end up being fired.

Self-esteem plays a significant role in a person who wants to be successful. As mentioned above, today’s standards for success is akin to being wealthy and famous. Individuals must know that aside from money and status, happiness and content are also viable parameters for a successful life.

Of course, every person wants to be successful in life. It takes a lot of courage, skill, and dedication to make it to the top. For courage to compel a person to go for their personal goals, he or she must be confident enough. Here is the most important tip to develop high self-esteem.

Bring in Positivity Can Help Self Esteem

A tricky part of everyone’s life is when an individual assesses those who are closest to them. People should take note on who brings the most positivity and negativity to them. Indeed a difficult task, but people have to start getting away from those who have the most negative influences. These people might be new acquaintances, friends, or even family.

Individuals who want to develop their high self esteem should keep close to those who brings most positivity. Positivity rubs off on people, especially when more people with positivity are together. Life isn’t all about being happy and sad. Life is about making choices which make people happy and sad.

If people follow all of the steps above, then the way to a more “confident version” of themselves is just inches away. To further motivate more people in achieving higher self-esteem, here are ten of the most attractive benefits of having a high self esteem.

Good Image

People who have high self-esteem, dress confidently. Men who want to look confident dress sharply, and forget t-shirts and other informal wear. A man who wears a suit doesn’t necessarily attract attention but demands respect instead.

Women who want to leave a strong impression should wear the appropriate dresses, being careful to balance professionalism and sexiness. Women should wear shoes that go along with their style and flaunt it confidently. Of course, outfit alone does not warrant an immediate change.

Posture and body mechanics are a great help for a person to become more confident. Just by merely standing straight can make a person feel that “surge” to be more energetic, wherein slouching, on the other hand, can lead to a person to feel more sleepy and tired.

Positively persistent

A failure is a major setback for most people. However, it’s the persistence that allows people to be successful no matter how many times they fail. That “will” to stand up after getting a beating is seen as an opportunity for individuals who want to improve themselves.

Confident people don’t boast that they’re always right, they just aren’t afraid of making mistakes. People with high self-esteem consider every experience they have, whether negative or positive as a chance to learn.


Freedom of being oneself is the best benefit a person can get from having a high self-esteem. Individuals who are themselves don’t have to adapt to other’s views and opinions about them.high self esteem

Less Pressure

Since people are more of themselves than someone that they don’t want to be, there is considerably less pressure on them. Less pressure means that they can ultimately focus on their goal. Once they reach their goal, the wealth and fame are all just complementaries to the happiness and content they’ll get to enjoy.

Being able to defend a view or stance

Confident people have firm beliefs on the things that they feel are right for them. Those without confidence or self-esteem, fall flat in defending their views and opinions. They tend to give up even in situations where the ideas they make are correct.

Having high levels of self-esteem enables a person to respectfully deliver their beliefs to other people without having a fear of being ridiculed or rejected.

New challenges await

With every single opportunity, there are also numerous problems that an individual has to face. People with low self-esteem will usually hide and prefer the safety of their comfort zone, wherein a person with high self-esteem will greet a challenge with open arms, leaving their comfort zones.

Successful people know that the first step to obtaining success is by stepping out of their comfort zones and embracing challenges that get in their way of attaining their goal.

Courage in accepting mistakes

As mentioned earlier, people who have high self-esteem don’t view mistakes as a loss. Mistakes for them are opportunities to learn and improve for the future. Instead of groveling and crying over spilled milk, people who are confident, dust themselves off, analyze, and prepare for the next challenge that awaits them.

Becoming a leader

Although it takes a lot of qualities to become a good leader, high self-esteem is certainly one of those qualities. Leaders need self-esteem because they deal with choices that can affect a whole team. A leader who isn’t aware or ready to take on such responsibility is a liability to themselves and their entire team.


People who have high self-esteem that turn out to be effective leaders who can inspire those around him or her to improve. Having such a leader is very advantageous for business or a company because he or she can significantly influence the productivity of their employees.

The situation above is why companies prefer to hire people with high self-esteem and intermediate skill than those individuals with excellent skills but have little or no confidence.

high self esteem


In life, there will be mistakes that will be hard to recover. Individuals with low self-esteem will need twice or thrice the time to recover than those with high self esteem. People who aren’t confident enough can improve, but their future performances can become permanently altered.

Those with confidence take it in stride and do the necessary actions to improve themselves and make sure that a situation similar to their predicament won’t happen again.

Bonus Tip: There’s a saying that too much of a good thing is bad. This saying is particularly the case when it comes to high  self esteem. People who have high esteem may rub off the wrong way for some people.

Although having high self-esteem is most likely enabling the positives of a person, too much of it often blurs the line between confidence and arrogance. If a person begins to act rude and does not even respectfully consider other options, then that person is becoming more arrogant rather than being a person having a healthy self-esteem.

Individuals who fall into this trap are difficult to confront. This difficulty is most likely because these people have developed a sense of immunity for other’s opinions. In most cases, a person should never resort to conflict when dealing with individuals who are becoming arrogant.

In most cases, people who proactively listen to their peers will tone down a bit on their self-esteem, allowing others to grow around him or her.


By today’s standards, wealth and fame are the standard criteria for success. People who strive hard to attain such goals often feel pressure from their peers. Such pressure can result in them having low self-esteem especially if they can’t hit their targets.

Believe it or not, there a lot of people who fall to this pressure and succumb to being reclusive and isolated. To develop self-esteem, people need to know when to listen, bring in positivity, and become more persistent. Individuals who want to excel are not focused on being right. Instead, these people are not afraid to commit mistakes.

Having a high self esteem is indeed a marvelous thing to watch for those people who surround an individual who has that kind of self-esteem. Mainly, people experience freedom in the way they do things. That freedom enables them to feel less pressure, cope better, and learn better.

Eventually, being an individual with self-esteem can become a future leader. In such cases, people should be careful not to exceed their confidence. Once this happens, a person can unconsciously blur the lines between arrogance and self-esteem.


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