Beneath the Surface: What is a High-Functioning Alcoholic

Alcoholism can affect a person’s heart, health, emotional well-being, relationships, and career. Yet, there are many who are “hidden” alcoholics, that manage to function effectively even when consumed with a high level of alcohol.

These alcoholics can upkeep jobs and maintain a normal way of function but doesn’t mean they are not abusing alcohol. High functioning alcoholics often do not see their drinking as a problem. Their drinking seems well-managed and under control. Signs of a high functioning alcoholic could be:

Restrict drinking to specific times, situations and beverages

High functioning alcoholics control when and where they drink. Some may drink only at bars or drink only on the weekends. These boundaries and limitations help an alcoholic and those around them think that the drinking is under control. But most of the time, behind closed doors, these rules are broken or overstepped.

They ask for cover-up

Oftentimes, high-functioning alcoholics ask for friends or loved ones to help cover for them when they experience a hangover or are in need of money because of their excess spending on alcohol.

They go into isolation

Oftentimes, high-functioning alcoholics close themselves off at home. They are social creatures outside – attending events and being the noticeable social butterfly. But when they are behind closed doors, they secretly retreat to a place where they are privately isolated so they can drink without anything noticing. Many times, when functioning alcoholics reach this stage of hiding their condition, encouraging them to learn more about a detox program is a good step to refrain the condition from moving anywhere further.


They become less committed to people because of their need for a drink

Functional alcoholics become more and more uncommitted in the people and relationships they’ve set out to do. Their dependency on needing to drink in private, or struggling with a hangover, forces them to break up personal commitments and distancing themselves from people.


The root of their alcoholism may be a mental illness

A lot of times than less, their functioning alcoholism is rooted in something deeper. Alcoholics depend on drinking as a way to mask something going on emotionally or mentally within them. High functioning alcoholics may be struggling from anxiety, an identity crisis, depression or even something happening in their family.


They are educated and intelligent

Alcoholism does not discriminate. It can happen to anyone. It happens to those that are well-educated and who seem to have their life together. Their personal success can sometimes be a veil to hide their alcohol problems.

High functional alcoholics are good at disguising themselves and make it that much harder to reach out and help them. Since some may not even be aware that they are suffering, it takes more work to help them identify their alcoholism and journey with them to detox. However, if you can know some signs that are possible flags to how functioning alcoholics work, it will help with collaborating with them to a road of recovery and sobriety.

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