If you are like many males over forty, you are noticing changes in your body that are not desirable, such as increased abdominal fat, loss of muscle, joint aches, low libido, and even forgetfulness.

For some people, the problem lies in the decline of a chemical in the body called human growth hormone.

The use of bioidentical HGH for men over 40 is the game-changer many males have been looking for to get them back to their “younger” selves.

What does HGH do for men as they age?

Human growth hormone impacts metabolism, immunity, cellular reproduction, libido, brain functions, heart health, and more.

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It is easy to understand how a hormone that impacts so much in the body could cause so many problems if not enough is available for daily needs. Each of these areas will begin to suffer, causing symptoms that can affect everyday life and overall health.

The chart below lists the many HGH benefits for men:

Increased energyLasting enduranceBetter sleep
Loss of excess fatIncreased metabolismReduction of joint pains
Improved bone mineralizationReduced osteoporosis riskImproved lean muscle mass
Increased strengthBetter flexibility and mobilitySharper mental skills
Improved memoryEasier learning of new tasksBetter focus and concentration
Happier moodPositive outlook Reversal of depressed feelings
Better quality of lifeIncreased collagenTighter, firmer skin
Reduced wrinkles and celluliteThicker hairRegrowth of hair
Return of hair color possibleSharper night visionImproved eyesight
Better libidoIncreased sexual desireFaster arousal
Improved erectile functionsStronger orgasmsIncreased sexual pleasure
Stronger nailsBetter temperature regulationLower LDL cholesterol
Increased cardiac capacityBetter glucose uptakeReduced anxiety and stress
Increased driveImproved productivityEnhanced desire for socialization
Strengthen immunitySpeed illness recuperationQuicken injury recovery


With all of these benefits from HGH for men, it is understandable why so many people say human growth hormone therapy is life changing. Too many males find that they give up on their hobbies, physical activities, and passions when growth hormone deficiency begins to impact their lives. Reversing these effects with HGH therapy restores the vitality and enjoyment of life they had long ago. Add in the physical changes that restore tone and appearance, and you have a recipe for success.

How Men Can Get the Benefits of HGH

Human growth hormone therapy is a doctor prescribed treatment that requires authorization for use.

To get the benefits of HGH therapy for men, you will need to first contact a doctor who specializes in hormone replacement therapy. You have the following options when it comes to choosing a doctor:

  1. Finding a local medical center with a physician who provides hormone replacement services. In most cases, the practitioner will combine HRT with other modalities or specialties. You will schedule an in-office visit, along with follow-up appointments to discuss testing results and treatment options, as well as long-term supervision. The cost of office visits will be added to the overall price of your HGH treatment.


  1. Choosing a nationally based HRT clinic where the doctor focuses the practice solely on hormone replacement. Consultations are conducted by telephone without the charges associated with office visits. This also saves time that can be better spent out of a waiting room.


Every person looking to receive supplemental HGH for men will complete the following steps:


  • Initial consultation to discuss symptoms and overall health
  • Blood specimen collection – typically first thing in the morning at a local lab
  • Physical examination – if choosing a local medical center this will be done by the doctor during the consultation, if using a national hormone clinic, you can visit any local physician or walk-in clinic
  • Health history questionnaire – fill these papers out in the waiting room of the local office or online with our national HRT center
  • Follow-up consultation to discuss the findings, diagnosis, and treatment protocol

During the follow-up consultation, you will also select the brand of HGH injections along with the injector style you desire. You will have a variety of options based on your prescribed dosage and can choose from standard low-priced vial and syringe systems or injector pen units that offer more convenience at a slightly higher price.

If using a local doctor, you will either get the medication directly from the doctor or go to your neighborhood pharmacy with your prescription. With a national HRT clinic, the prescription is sent to a licensed US pharmacy to be filled and shipped straight to your door.

Please contact our hormone specialists for a complimentary consultation to learn more about how HGH therapy can improve your life.



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