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How I Removed All of My Bad Habits, Stayed Consistent On My Nofap Journey And Improved Every Aspect of My Life…

Gain a New Level of Confidence And Clarity to Quit Porn and Achieve Your Ideal Lifestyle

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Your Sex Life

To date the type of girl you really want.

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Your Happiness

To wake up everyday excited to take action.

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Your Finances

 To afford the lifestyle you really want.

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Your Productivity

To never waste a moment and reach your goals faster.

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Your Friends

To surround yourself with great friends that support and inspire you.

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Your Freedom

To create a lifestyle of your own design and spend your time as you want.


For most of my 20s, my life completely sucked…

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  • I was addicted to internet porn and fapping

    I couldn't stop myself despite seeing every aspect of my life going down the drain...

  • I smoked weed every day

    This made made me feel shy, unable to socialize and lazy...

  • I played video games for 5-10 hours a day

    That one thing allowed me to escape all of my problems and lose myself in the world where I felt good...

  • My girlfriend broke up with me

    She quickly realized she was dating a loser and decided to move on, which left me depressed and needy...

this one thing… changed everything

How a Small Town Boy From Poland Escaped 9-5 And Started Traveling The World

“Luckily” when I was 24, my girlfriend dumped me and it forced me to really examine where my life is going…

Only then I found out that my brain has been broken.

It was ridiculously overstimulated by things such as porn, fast-food, weed, social media etc…


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That’s why I lacked energy, motivation and my life was a mess.

I needed to fix my brain ASAP!

I realized that as long as I can control my habits I can have control over my future.

I decided to rid myself of all my addictions and, dove head first into self improvement and dating.

I learned that as long as I  have a goal and take action I don’t have to be stuck on a 9-5 hamster-wheel.

This attitude put me on a radar of Sean Russell – the CEO of Menprovement.

Me an Sean traversed through South East Asia and had time of our lives.

I had a chance to meet lots of women and really hone in on my dating skills…


How the “perfect lifestyle” led to bitter unhappiness

Now by most guys standards, I was living the perfect life…

I was living it up by staying in a Bali villa with a pool.

I was enjoying foods from the finest restaurants.

I was surfing during the day and going out to the best nightclubs at night…

But beneath the surface… I was stuck and felt deeply unhappy.

Sure I had girls and was traveling the world, but the rest of my life was a HUGE MESS!

Until around my 30th birthday, when I finally hit the rock bottom…

And made a commitment to turn things around for good by focusing on the rest of my life…

  • My Sex Life

    Fantastic... but the few rough nights I had here and there still led me to relapse to porn and other bad habits

  • My Travel

    I got to stay where I wanted, have fun, and get on cool adventures

  • My Finances And Business

    Racked up loads of credit card debt and had to stay at my parents house eventually

  • My friends

    Haven't developed any close friendships due to nomadic lifestyle and focusing on girls and travel

  • My Health

    Horrible! As I travelled and was busy going out I started to slack on diet, exercise and sleep which led me to have brainfog again


How I used nofap and semen retention to transform myself and improve every aspect of my life… 

With a new sense of purpose I dusted off the old books on self improvement, signed up for countless business courses and worked with expert mentors.

Instead of wasting it, I was able to harness all of my semen retention energy and channel it into my passion and purpose.

Applying the tools and mindsets I learned from the business, dating and self improvement world became effortless.

Semen retention and nofap was like adding JETFUEL to speed up my success.

Once again I used this one habit of staying away from fapping and porn to jumpstart my life in a new direction.

You see…pushing through procrastination requires the same mindset as pushing through the anxiety to approach a girl.

If I fapped, or continued on any of my other bad habits, I would never have the motivation to do what’s right.

And by incorporating everything that I was learning with what I had previously learned…

Within few short months, I developed a systematic, rock-solid formula to shifting my habits permanently and channeling my energy into improving every aspect of your life.

I managed to fully optimize myself and fine-tune my brain so I can feel grounded no matter what life throws at me.


JUMPSTART your ideal lifestyle by quitting porn, masturbation and other destructive habits

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In 2019 I started to apply those new tools and mindsets to mentor a few guys and was completely blown away by their results.

From huge job promotions, and jump-starting businesses, to leveling up dating life, ramping up motivation to blasting through approach anxiety to talk to strangers.

And as the results started to piling in, I realized that I need to get those tools to more people, resulting in the creation of my Hero’s Journey Roadmap®.

Every day I continue to upgrade and make the program better, to give you even more immersive and fully customized transformation experience.

Hero’s Journey Roadmap is your modern Rite of Passage, something that will forge you into a man that you were meant to become so you can experience the finest things in life. 


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A 12 Week Total Immersion Program Designed to Rewire Your Brain

Giving you the clarity and direction on how to remove porn and other bad habits and master your Dating Life, Finances, Career, Health, Emotions, and Freedom… Faster then you ever thought possible

Here’s How It Works

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  • Get Rid of Porn And Masturbation: Receive a proven method on how to remove fapping from your life once and for all so you can finally step it up in all areas of your life.

  • Become Accountable: Get the accountability and guidence you need to never slide back into porn and fapping.

  • Create a Blueprint for Your New Version: Remove all mental clutter and discover what success means specifically for you, leading to increased motivation and crystal clear path to achieve your goals faster.

  • Fix Your Brain: Understand how to outsmart your reptilian brain, so you can unhook yourself from other bad habits and stop RUINING your life.

  • Core Confidence Creation: Build your confidence to handle ANY situation, stop letting other people’s opinions affect your decisions and start living through your own values
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The Mirror of Truth

  • Understand Why You Don’t Have What You Want in Life: Receive an in depth assessment of your current situation and take responsibility for your outcomes

  • Extreme Self Sabotage: find out where you undermine your success, cultivate EXTREME self discipline and escape the vicious cycle of mediocrity 

  • Recognize The Biases: Receive a comprehensive understanding and detailed analysis of the most common biases affecting your life and costing you millions of dollars

  • ​Break Free From Delusion: See past self-induced delusions and view your environment objectively to navigate your REAL (rather than perceived) obstacles to success
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Mindset Hacking

  • Sharpen Your Mindset: Destroy your victim mentality and bust out of a life of complacency so you can stay in position of power no matter what situation you’re in

  • Excuse Elimination Process: Learn the most effective way to rapidly remove your excuses, so you can finally get out of the rut and take effective action 

  • Eliminate Your Blindspots: Eliminate the blindspots that pin you to your current addictions and life of mediocrity

  • Audit Your Belief System: Reprogram your subconscious mind for success and replace negative beliefs that hold you back with ones that push you forward
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Goal Mapping And Habit Building

  • Habit Reinforcement Method: Build a muscle memory for your productive habits, so that even if you fall off you’ll have a simple and easy strategy to instantly get back on track.

  • Your Morning Ritual: Apply this “no excuse” strategy to trick your brain into feeling consistently AWESOME every day (imagine how great it would feel to have half of your to-do list done before breakfast)

  • Productivity Tools Mastery: get tools to stop wasting your time on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube and be on top of your game every hour of every day.

  • Maximize Your High Impact Actions: Sift through the endless checklist of tasks in front of your, hone in on the high impact actions, eliminate self-doubt and start moving the needle.
The Hero's Journey Roadmap | Free Case Study 16

Defining Your Success Blueprint

  • Diagnose Problems Early On: Find problems in your life like an experienced doctor finds disease and remove them conclusively to prevent snowballing.​

  • Reverse Engineer Your Goals: create effective plans so you can stop second-guessing yourself, know what you should do next and do the right things in the right order.

  • Scientific Success Formula: learn how to make your success measurable so you can eliminate procrastination, analysis-paralysis and perfectionism for good (no more over-planning, overthinking or overwhelm!)

  • ​Optimize Your Environment For Winning: Destroy overwhelm and confusion by optimizing your environment around your goals.

  • Stay Organized – learn the perfect organization system that helps yo to lock in on one target and eliminate getting distracted by new “shiny objects”.

Transform Your Life With The Hero’s Journey Roadmap In The Next 90 Days

Imagine how your life would change…

If you had a rock solid process for quitting porn and enhancing every single aspect of your life as a result.

If you had a new found sense of CLARITY, knowing exactly what traps to avoid and what you should focus on to improve every aspect of your life.

And have it easy! And fun!

Your success doesn’t have to take a long time. It doesn’t need to be incremental.

Don’t be like a fly that keeps ramming itself into the window over and over again, trying to break free…

Just open the damn window!

But as I’m sure you’ve realized, finding out what the straightforward path to success looks like is pretty damn hard…

I mean it took me years to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Fortunately for you, I’ve condensed everything I’ve learned in the last 4+ years into a simple, step-by-step process.

This process is designed to not only help you quit porn and fapping…

It’s designed to put you on a new path in life that will make you look at your previous self with disbelief.

Listen, if you’re still watching this, I’m not gonna beat around the bush, this free coaching session is only for men who are committed to making a life-long permanent shift in their life in just 12 short weeks.

Do any of those sound familiar?

  • You want to remove porn, fapping and other bad habits from your life so you can unlock your suppressed potential…

  • You want to to gain clarity about what you should focus on and what are the next immediate steps you should take (along with self-discipline, and motivation to actually do it!)…

  • You want to to upgrade your brain, transform & improve every aspect of your life from career all the way to dating…

  • You want to optimize your daily routine so you can turn your goals into accomplishments…

  • You are tired of reading countless self improvement books, blogs and watching videos without knowing how to apply all that information in your specific life situation…

  • You seek a personalized step-by-step process to self-improvement so you can eliminate self-doubt, distractions and overwhelm…

Get on a call with me right now by clicking the button below and we can get you on an upward spiral of success.

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This call is geared around giving you CLARITY on what to do to replace your bad habits with highly optimized routines so you can achieve your goals faster.

If  you are a fit either be a fit and I will extend my invitation to work with me as one of my clients or if it’s not a good fit that’s totally ok too and there’s no hard feelings or obligations or anything.

Either way you will receive an insanely valuable coaching session and will walk away with newfound clarity as to where you are right now and what’s holding you back from achieving the results that you want.

That coupled with the exact next steps necessary to take action will help to take you to the next level and enjoy everything life has to offer, without allowing more years to go by without it.

It will likely be the most valuable 60 minutes you invest in your life this year. So go ahead and complete your application now and we will see if we’re a good fit for working together.

Why Am I Doing This?

Now, you might be wondering:

“Wait a minute…if he’s busy coaching so many people at the moment, why would he give away free calls? There must be a catch…

Well, first, I do it because I’m damn good at it and every call gets me get better at finding what are you guys struggling with.

But this is also the best way for me to find new top-notch clients.

Boom! Cat’s out of the bag!

No, this is not some hard pitch or anything like that. I just love working with other men who want to better themselves, and found this to be the best way to start working together!

Time Is a Factor

WARNING: This opportunity is extremely limited!

I’ve decided that over the next couple of weeks I can give out only 50 FREE COACHING CALLS.

I’m already near my full capacity but I’m still on a search for my next best client.

After that I will have to stop doing those calls as there will be simply no time available.

So if you’re serious about transforming your life NOW…

You are willing to put in the work… and be pushed to do things that you never thought possible …

Then click the button below and get started on your application today!

Again, the application process is totally free, as is the call… the way to start is by clicking the button below…

Looking forward to your application!