helpful mens websites

helpful mens websites

We are not afraid to admit where we came from. Each member of the staff here at MenProvement has come from a less than desirable place to reach where they are now.

But along the way there were a few sites that really helped guide us to where we are today. We are not talking about the mainstream, men’s fitness, and ask men sites, which are mostly written by men with college degrees in journalism. We are talking about the down under sites from real men. From men who have been at the bottom and worked themselves to the top. These men are our inspiration.

1) The Bullet Proof Executive

The Bullet Proof Exec

Well start with the more mainstream of them all. The Bullet Proof Executive is run by a man by the name of Dave Asprey. Dave spent over 15 years and over $300,000 dollars doing self experimentation on himself in order to make himself as he calls it, “Bullet Proof.” He has claimed to have increased his IQ in just a week, lose 100 pounds with little to no exercise, and he does all this on less than 5 hours of sleep a night.

What you will get from Dave’s site

1) You will learn how to hack your body, literally.

2) You will get a very technical side of self improvement. There are not many site out there of this nature that have hit the science side to life enhancement like Dave’s has.

2) He sells a lot of great products that he has developed over the years in his store, Upgraded Self.

Dave is clearly a smart man, and I have learned a plethora of information from him in the past few years. You would be doing yourself an injustice by not checking out his site.

2) Boy Toy Story

Boy Toy Story is much different than the above sites, its more of a blog, but an extremely motivating one. Boy Toy’s a 20 year old named Thomas from Denmark, who lives what you could call, “an above average life.”

For his age he has a presence and knowledge about him way beyond his years. In 2009 Thomas was shy, skinny, weak, bullied, and girl-less. He decided to change his life and through daily hard work, which you can follow, he changed his life completely.

He now has complete social freedom. He achieve complete social freedom, has slept with over 150 girls, built an incredible physique, and has even attracted attention from TV show producers. He is an incredible example of how anyone can turn their life around.

What you can get from Thomas’s site

1) Thomas keeps a daily journal of his life up on his site. Just reading that journal is enough to inspire you to get off your ass.

2) He tells all 150+ tails of his sexual adventures, with pictures and videos.

3) Thomas dishes it all out. He doesn’t hold back, he’s not afraid to expose himself on he web, and there are no limits.

3) He also writes articles with extremely helpful information on how to get girls like he does, gain muscle like he did, and live the kind of life he has.

Thomas is a great inspiration of mine. It is not everyday that you look up to someone 4 years younger than you. I have spoken to him personally and hope to have an interview with him on how he changed his life so drastically shortly.

3) Good Looking Loser


Good Looking Loser is possibly the king site of hardcore, underground self improvement. The creator, Chris, is once again, the real deal. He was not always successful and was what he calls a “good looking loser.” He had everything he needed to be great with women, but like many men he wasn’t. Over years of hard work and dedication he built himself into the man he wanted to be, sharing it all, in explicit fashion.

Chris holds nothing back and gives you every single detail of his life. Its just simply raw truth.

What you can get from Chris’s site:

1) A huge community all with one common goal

2) Hardcore topics, that a lot of people won’t touch (Penis enlargement, one night stands)

3) Information on steroids and all sorts of performance enhancing drugs that he uses.

I like Chris’s site a lot, because like Boy Toy Story, its just uncensored good information. No ones asking you to buy anything, all his info is free, and it works. He is proof.



I personally have scoured the web over the past few years hitting up every single pick up artist site. Most of them I think are complete crap. The routine, the tricks, fucking pea cocking for Christs sake. is completely different. Its not your typical pick up artist site, even though it is soley about picking up girls.

The creators, Andy Yosha and Yad, are these two totally relatable guys, who have just worked hard to acquire the skills to pick up beautiful women in the middle of the day. Andy is a self proclaimed nerd, and you can tell, who wasn’t even able to have a conversation with a girl. He was huge into world of Warcraft, gaming, and everything but girls. But he transformed himself into one of the best pick up artists around now.

These two average looking men are consistently picking up complete 10’s in countries all around a world, all during the day. Its a beautiful thing, because there are no need for lines, buying girls drinks, or crazy packed nightclubs. The world is your venue.

What you will get out of

1) Incredibly well made and produced videos

They have so many videos of in field footage at such high quality, they are second to none in this area. Everything is very professionally done.

2) The day game blueprint

An incredibly in depth “blueprint” on how to get girls during the day. I haven’t bought it, but just by being signed up on his website I receive incredible videos in the mail on how to do the blueprint anyway. After just watching 3 of Andy’s videos the way I looked at approaching girls changed. There is no need for fancy lines. Their system is easy, natural, and simply works.

3) Boot camps

These guys run boot camps all around the world. I would really love to attend one sometime just to see how everything is run. These boot camps will cost you a pretty penny but promise to transform your life.

I truly have the utmost respect for what these two guys do.

In conclusion

These 4 sites can really help change your life. Were not out to keep you from other sites, or try to compete with them. Were out to help improve you to your maximum potential. And if there’s someone out there with something to offer that will do that, we want you to be utilizing this information.



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