4 Health Considerations for Men After 40

Men and women have different health needs, as do younger men compared to older men. To ensure you live a comfortable, fulfilling life, it’s important to monitor your health and make a few lifestyle changes as you age. These are four health considerations for men after 40, including tips you can follow to be proactive about your well-being.

Eat Healthier to Address Cholesterol Problems

Cholesterol is of particular concern to men over 40. Thankfully, a few dietary changes can go a long way toward keeping cholesterol levels in check and improving your overall health. A few general tips include:

  • Drink more water.
  • Ditch unhealthy snacks in favor of nuts and fruits.
  • Increase your protein intake — but avoid lamb, fatty beef, pork, and poultry with skin.
  • Avoid processed foods.
  • Avoid trans fats.

Visit the Optometrist

Regular medical checkups are good for everyone, but people over 40 need to watch for vision problems in particular. Sight can start deteriorating at this point, especially if you’re often straining to read or are often exposed to sunlight. Regularly seeing an eye doctor and avoiding straining the eyes can help you preserve your vision for years to come.

Manage Allergy Symptoms

Allergies may seem like a minor nuisance, but as you get older, they can aggravate other symptoms and lower your health and quality of life. Plus, the problems can snowball into bigger health issues. Ignoring allergies can affect your respiratory system, for example, which increases your likelihood of getting sick.
Also, problems with allergies can affect your ability to sleep. This is vital to your wellbeing as you get older. Insufficient sleep or poor sleep quality can lead to a range of complications, including the following:

  • Problems with concentration.
  • Increased stress.
  • Greater risk for problems like heart disease and diabetes.
  • Weight gain.

Allergies can be a serious problem for older men. In fact, allergies can change throughout your life. You may have grown up without experiencing symptoms but find that you’re sensitive to certain triggers as you get older.
Thankfully, you have a range of options for managing symptoms. In addition to taking over-the-counter medications as needed, you can replace filters more often to improve the air quality in your home and alleviate allergies. Also, it’s recommended that you book routine HVAC maintenance. This way, your system will circulate air more efficiently. If you’re dealing with allergy symptoms while trying to sleep, try investing in a hypoallergenic mattress, sheets, and pillows.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is as critical to health as quality sleep and a proper diet. You want to have a nice mix of activities and levels of intensity and impact, but as you get older, you should include weight training if you don’t already. This will help you build muscle and manage your weight.
Everyone has unique health issues that they must address as they get older. For men over 40, factors such as cholesterol and weight gain are of particular concern. Whether you’re already over the hill or are about to be, you can follow these four tips to better manage your health and wellbeing as you get older.

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