infographic about the effects of lack of sleep

Sleep is essential to living a productive and happy life. There is no way around it. In our busy world, lack of sleep is way too common and many guys think they have to give up this necessary action to be more productive and succeed.

This is nonsense.

Think long term, and think big picture. Yes you may outperform me for the first 6 months running on 4 hours of sleep. But in 5 years it’s going to be the guy who has been taking care of his body and working smart that comes out on top.

So with that, here’s a look at the harmful effects of living a life without enough sleep..

sleep or die


  1. I totally buy in to the need for sleep. I have experienced significant declines in basic functionality since last year when I first started losing sleep due to working third shift. I gained weight and lost energy. I have no motivation to do simple things like laundry or hobbies I used to enjoy. My grades in college went way down and I eventually dropped out. The point of working thirds was to have more flexibility with college classes and now I am not even in college! I am stuck on third shift too for now. My point is that I would love to follow the advice from the above graph, but it is not as simple when i am supposed to sleep while most of the world around me is awake. Is there a third shift version of this graph? Thanks!

    • Hey Chris,

      That is a tough situation, I hope you find a way to get adequate amounts of sleep and turn things around. I will have a look for some information for third shift sleep, but do not have any great advice off the top of my head. Will let you know!


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