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We all know how difficult it is to get fit. The tempo of our modern-day life, busy schedules, and numerous obligations make our goal to be in shape really hard to achieve. Still, as much as getting fit is difficult, it is even more difficult to stay fit.

Most men can make themselves lose some weight during a certain period. It is usually after the New Year or just before the summertime when everybody is enthusiastic about healthy nutrition and regular workout.

We feel motivated to change our appearances for the better, pay attention to what and when we eat, visit the gym like our lives depend on it, carefully look at our reflection in the mirror every other day to notice any change and wait for the weighing scale to tell us we have reached our goal. Once we’ve finally done it – we just go back to our old ways, hoping things will stay the way they are. But they never do.

So, how can men get and actually stay fit? The secret is in being consistent. Nothing is ever achieved overnight, and staying in shape is a process, not an action. What being consistent really means is sticking to certain rules on daily basis throughout the whole year.

People who always stay fit actually have some great habits helping them in that. And the habits are pretty simple, so check them out and don’t let the lack of discipline gets the best of you!

Exercise, No Matter How Much Time You Have

Even if you have only 10-15 minutes for your workout, do it anyway. The point is to stay active, and not every day has to be a perfect hour and a half of exercise. Being exhausted or in over your head with obligations doesn’t mean you have an excuse to skip a quick stretching. Every action matters, keep that in mind next time you realize you have a short window of opportunity to do a couple of pushups.

always stay fit

Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut

If you want to avoid getting fed up with your exercises, change your routine every other day. Concentrate on a different part of your body each day, or change the activity – do yoga today, and then go for a run the next day.

After that, you can try another aerobic activity. The important thing is to never get bored and then feel the urge to quit. As any other activity in our lives, physical exercises are more interesting and motivating when they offer diversity.

Remember the Feeling

Ok, let’s be honest – doing exercise is sometimes not only exhausting but also annoying. But it’s not about how you feel while you’re working out. It is about how you feel after it, once the endorphins kick in.

Physical activity makes you feel great afterward, even though you feel all worn-out. And the good night sleep is so much better when you’ve been actively burning the calories. Keep that positive feeling in mind next time you think about skipping a workout.

Moderation in Food

The quickest way for somebody to give up on a diet and healthy lifestyle is setting an unreachable goal. There is no point in denying yourself sweets or any other type of food full of calories. You would just be feeling bad and annoyed and you would give up your healthy habits in no time.

The solution is to be moderate – indulge yourself once in a while with your favorite fast food or a bar of chocolate – as long as you spend the calories on a treadmill! To be moderate means to balance healthy and unhealthy food. So throw in some supplements to help your body build itself after hard exercises. Creatine or whey protein powder can really make wonders with your muscular strength. The more you’re pushing your body, the more help from the outside it needs.

Pay Attention to Drinks 

Even though it is ok to eat various types of food, as long as it is balanced, you should think twice about drinking alcohol, fizzy drinks, fruit juices, and coffee. All of them have a great effect on your health, which is no good at all. And they will definitely influence your ability to stay fit.

Try to avoid them as much as you can if you can’t cut them out from your diet completely. At least don’t drink alcohol on weekdays, as they are already exhausting enough without having a couple of beers in the evening. Instead, try replacing them with water if you think that herbal tea isn’t manly enough for you.

Don’t Let Your Mood Control You 

Sure, nobody is up for a hard workout every time, but it doesn’t mean you should skip it if you feel like it. Acting only as we like it would get us nowhere. It is important to push yourself when you face an obstacle. Life isn’t fair or easy, so toughen up and do the exercises no matter how you feel that day – the benefits will be rewarding!

always stay fit

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation kills your motivation, concentration, and ability to function normally. You won’t get far if you’re constantly lacking sleep. Not sleeping enough can seriously affect your metabolism, hormones, energy and appetite. Clearly, you won’t be able to exercise properly or at all if you’re having trouble concentrating on your job or even keeping your eyes open.

Sore Muscles are No Reason for Skipping Exercise

If you’re sore after an intensive workout, it doesn’t mean you should spend the next day in front of a TV or in the bath tub. Do some mild exercises, such as a light jog, and avoid another difficult workout; otherwise you will make things worse. The point is to soften the muscles and help them recover faster.

Make an Investment

Spend some money wisely on fitness equipment. You could buy a fitness tracker that really makes pay attention to how much you walk on daily basis. Most of us have desk jobs, so stretch those legs and allow them to walk those 10,000 steps they need to keep you in a good physical condition. Also, think about getting a foam roller. If you use it before the exercise, it can enhance your movements and if used after the exercise, it will ease the pain in your muscles.

Keep Your Eyes on the Goal

Last, but not least – don’t think too much about how you want to look, but rather how you want to feel every day. Doing physical exercise is about feeling good about yourself. It doesn’t matter how long it lasts, as long as you’re active and do it regularly. Your goal is to do something useful and positive for yourself.

always stay fit

Whatever type of exercise you choose to do, just be aware that discipline is the key to everything. Being consistent in building up your muscles and strength, as well as in keeping a healthy lifestyle is of the utmost importance. Getting and staying fit is all about a number of small things. Pay attention to several details every day and the results won’t disappoint you.


  1. Absolutely agree with your point of view! But the truth hurts a lot! I have a hard time to keep up with stay-fit habit. It requires your effort and patient a lot but I’ll try my best!


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