Gym Etiquette: 7 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid

Gym Etiquette: 7 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid

Whether you know it or not, but you and fellow gym goers share the place as a community and there are mistakes you should avoid. These mistakes will help you grow as an individual while also keeping the environment around you safe. Nobody likes a person that causes trouble at the gym, and people will always remember others that attend their gym because let’s face it – there really are not THAT many people going to a gym.

Let’s take a look at the mistakes you should avoid every time you step foot into the gym.

#1: Clean Your Area After Use

Believe it or not, but you sweat while working out. The spread of skin diseases is quite common in the gym because people do not use the sanitary wipes provided to clean their area. You should always make sure to take a second out of your day to clean the area off. The most common skin disease that people receive in the gym is ringworm, which is not very pleasant to have.

Be courteous and wipe!

#2: Do Not Hover Over People

You get to the gym and that person is sitting on the machine you need. 10/10 chances are that they have no idea what you were going to be using for your workout, and it is inappropriate to hover over them and give them the impatient glances while waiting to use the machine. You can easily reserve your spot as you wait by asking how many more sets they have. Afterwards, clear the area for them to train and just wait patiently.

#3: Return the Equipment Back on the Rack

Have you ever walked around the gym looking for the matching dumbbell you need? Then you probably know how it feels when people do not return their weights or equipment back where they belong. We are all a community sharing a home of iron with the common goal of reaching our fitness desires, so let’s keep everything neat and clean for the next person coming in. This should not be placed on the front desk members who cannot leave their work area.

Another reason you want weights to be placed up is because of injuries. Many of times fingers have been crushed or even lost due to weights on the floor when the person is lowering their dumbbells – the outcome of two pieces of iron crushing skin and bone is not pretty.

#4: Gym Attire

Both men and women should be aware of what gym attire they have on. People like to be comfortable and see their body in the gym and that is understandable, but when “delicates” begin to show a problem is in the room. Be courteous because most are not there for a free sneak peak, and check your gym attire prior to performing workout routines – especially stretches.

#5: Headphones in Means Save the Chat for Later

When someone has headphones in and enjoying their workout music they most likely do not want to be disturbed. It is okay of course if you need to ask a question about how many sets they have left, or something along those lines, but most people do not want to be disturbed for basic conversation when their headphones are in and blaring.

#6: Watch Your Surroundings

This is one of the most important ones. While in the gym lifting weights, you should think of it as being in a car. You must look around you and ensure that the environment is safe to press the weight up or move around. Many of injuries at the gym come from people not watching their surroundings and smashing the weight into another person. The same thing applies while you are moving around the gym. Bumping into somebody’s arm during their overhead press could cause injury to them.

#7: Keep the Smells to a Minimum

This could imply several things. First, if you want to wear cologne or perfume for some reason, then use it in very light amounts. People are breathing in heavily at the gym, and the intensity of your scent could hurt their lungs or cause headaches. Another thing on smells would be hygiene. Make sure to place some deodorant on before training.

You will not smell the greatest after training, we know, but there is no need to ruin the workouts of everyone around you. Finally, if you need to pass gas make your way outside. Usually a person knows if their protein shake or pre-workout supplement is causing them to be gassy, so be a little courteous and keep the smells outdoors.

In Conclusion

Gym etiquette is common sense.

Think about what you would not like and apply it to your gym routine. Obviously nobody wants to smell bad scents while breathing hard, or having to go on a wild goose chase trying to obtain the missing piece to their equipment. Simply take the time to be courteous and enjoy your training. Taking a minute out of your day is not going to ruin your workout.

About the Author:

Demmy James is a fitness buff as well as a strength and conditioning specialist. He is also a content contributor for Muscle & Strength.



  1. My biggest pet peeve is cologne in the gym. I’m so glad you said something about it. I can’t stand walking into the gym and feeling like I’m in a night club all of a sudden. Deodorant is enough.


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