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The man bag.

It has been through a lot the last 5 years, but has come out on top, from seeming like a girly purse to being a respectable part of any mans wardrobe.

Not only have man bags been revamped to look great, they are extremely convenient and will help improve your life.

That being said, the problem with getting a good bag now is that they can be wickedly expensive. They are made of leather, and other fine materials, and if they’re not, then they are just not durable or attractive. While some may be able to afford these luxuries, some can not.

So in this article we are going to be showing you:

– 5 different types of man bags.

– How they will improve your life.

– Where to get one for a reasonable price.

– And where to get one that will blow minds.

We hope you enjoy it and find the perfect bag to fit your lifestyle, needs & your bank account.

The 5 different type of man bags..

Man bags come in a very large variety in modern times. They have a style for every taste, and every style has a perfect time and place to be utilized. Below you will find the 5 different types on man bags, when to use them, and where to get your hands on the perfect one for your budget.

1) The Briefcase

man bags - breifcase

The briefcase has been around for quite sometime. This is the most acceptable form of a man bag and is generally considered as a sign of manhood in society.

Having a briefcase makes you look more successful. Plain and simple.

Unlike bulky briefcases of the past, they are now extremely stylish and provide a great deal of organizations.

This bag is perfect for any young gent who is in school, breaking into the work force or just wants to look a little more professional.

How they will improve your life?

This ones pretty obvious. Scoring a great looking briefcase will help you look more professional on job interviews, be more organized when you land the job and show the world that you mean business.

Where to buy one?

– On a budget: You can get briefcases for as low as $15.00 on Amazon. Scroll through and see what you like.

– For the working man: I am a big fan of Serbags, who I will be mentioning a lot in this article. They have some beautiful briefcases that mix business, style and convenience at an awesome price. You can get a stylish briefcase for around $60 – $100.00. Their quality is superb.

– High rollers: Gilt has some sales on really beautiful briefcases, from designers like prada and Gucci for up to 70% off. They will still cost you a pretty penny ($200-$300) but you’re a baller right? Next is HardGraft, a beautiful designer of men’s bags. (Spoiler alert: They are going to take this top spot throughout.) They are the top end of men’s bag design and you will see why.

2) The backpack

man bags - backpack

Backpacks are no longer just for preschoolers.

I know when you were in high school, you were only cool if you didn’t have a big backpack. You rebel.

But times have changed, and backpack have turned into a fashion statement.

With luxury leather backpacks like the ones made by Jacob Ryan, your backpack can be your best style accessory. Side note: I have used a Jacob Ryan backpack (in the picture above) and the quality, craftsman’s and feel of fresh leather is second to none. If you are into these, look no further.

Plus any world traveler knows that backpacking is the way to go.  For that there’s rucksacks.

How will it improve your life?

1) These bags are now a fashion statement. If you have the money, you can get a luxury backpack for you or your kids. No ones picking on the kid with the leather backpack.

2) You can’t backpack Europe without a reliable backpack. And we all know it’s on your bucket list.

Where to buy one?

– On a budget: Modell’s, Sports Authority, Amazon, take your pic. But don’t get too excited you might end up looking like you’re in grade school. Regardless, they do the job and to some thats all that matters.

– For the working man: Serbags carries an awesome range of canvas rucksacks for around $100. But if you are hiking around the world, look no further than the Osprey Farpoint Travel Backpack for $145.00. And if you want a beautiful leather bag for a decent price. Jacob Ryan has you covered.

– High Rollers: Jacob Ryan Backpacks are honestly for the high rollers, and the bags are only $130.00. They are beautiful and the quality is second to none.

3) The messenger bag

man bags - messenger bag

This is the bag that has gotten a bad rep for looking like a purse. Nonsense. Messenger bags are fantastic and not only are they ridiculously useful, they look good.

No lady is going to accuse a well dressed man with a stylish messenger back for playing for the other team.

Guy who utilize messenger bags are sophisticated and driven. Use them to carry your laptop, tablets, gym clothes and more, and in doing so you will score points with the ladies.

How will it improve your life?

Messenger bags are safe for work, while still maintaining a casual feel about them. You can look professional while still displaying your youthful swagger on the way to work. Plus guys with messenger bags just look important.

Where to buy one?

– On a budget: Once again, Amazon will be your best bet for cheap messenger bags. (spoiler alert, they will take this category throughout.) They won’t be pretty, but they will get the job done.

– For the working man: Serbags definitely takes this one in the modest price range because they specialize in messenger bags. I personally own a Serbag’s Messenger bag and it is beautiful, manly and super durable.

– High rollers: HardGraft takes the cake when it comes to ridiculously beautiful messenger bags. At around $800, these bags will make you stand out.

4) The Gym Bag

man bags - gym bag

If you’re still carrying your change of clothes in a plastic bag, it’s time to man up.

The gym has become another way to network. Use this opportunity to look presentable with a good gym bag and display your confidence.

How will it improve your life:

As we mentioned above, use your gym bag to be more presentable in a great networking space. Whether you’re playing racquetball with the boss, or spotting a cute girl, having a clean and simple gym bag will save you from the embarrassing plastic bag with a clean pair of socks falling out.

Where to buy one?

– On a budget: You don’t have to get fancy with this one. Just head to modell’s or sports authority and they will sort you out.

– For the working man: Again, no reason to get too fancy, sports authority it is.

– High rollers: BUT if you do want to go fancy (some of us just can’t help it), check out this article. Or check out HardGraft, they also have these.

Bonus: 15 things every man should have in his gym bag 

5) The Folio

man bags -folio

If you haven’t heard of a Folio, don’t worry. Most people wouldn’t have a clue what I am talking about.

This bag is small, but provides a look of simplicity, and holds only your essentials. (Few documents, passports & some pens)

How will it improve your life?

Having a Folio is a nice change from the norm if you want to break away from the pack. Use it while traveling in the airport to hold your passport and smartphone while looking smart and sophisticated.

Where to buy one?

– On a budget: They are hard to find, but you can get a solid Folio for around $60 here.

– For the working man: Honestly, if you keep an eye on GILT, they have a lot of great bag sales where you can get beautiful italian leather Folio’s for around $100.

– High rollers: Hard Graft. Enough said. Just look at this beautiful Folio. (Which is actually made to fit your Macbook air.) I want it!

In conclusion

So as you can see above, there are a few companies that really stand out.

If you are a regular dude and can afford a $60 – $100 bag, I highly recommend Serbags. That’s where I have my own bag from and it’s beautiful. Also, shop JacobRyan if you are into leather backpacks.

If you make a boatload of cash and you want the top of the line. HardGraft is for you. You won’t beat these bags, they are luxury and function defined.

And if money’s tight, go with Amazon! They have everything.

Just make sure you’re no longer the dude who is walking around with his things in a plastic bag.

If you were on the fence before, get a good bag. If you weren’t and you are not a hermit who never leaves the house, get a good bag.

It will improve your life in more ways then one.



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