nightcaps for women

Good night caps for women

This is an amazing article by Doriean from our “From Her” series.

Level with me guys: after a date or perhaps after picking a girl up at the bar, how many times has the line “How would you like to come to my place for a night cap?” actually worked?

Us girls know that this is code for “Let’s go to my place and bone.” There’s no need to pretend. We all know it. But we want to hear you ask so we can be coy and turn you down.

BUT – what happens if you use the line and she accepts? Score, right? But have you ever really thought this scenario through? Sure, a sexy lady is coming to your house to spend some naked time with you. But first…she expects a drink.

What do you have at your house that’s fitting? The two beers left from last night’s 6-pack are not going to cut it. And if you really want to impress her, you have to whip up more than a rum and Coke.

You need something to make her feel special and – more importantly – to get her comfortable and loose enough to continue feeling like sleeping with you is the right choice. Here are three options for an after hours drink fit for a lady. Each drink has limited ingredients so you can keep them at your apartment so that you’re always prepared in the event that you get lucky.

Vodka Sour:

If you picked up that girl at the bar who, when it was her turn to order, yelled out to the bartender something like: “I dunno…just something sweet!” then this is the drink to make. Just mix these ingredients and serve on ice.

1 ½oz of vodka

¼ – ¾oz sugar syrup or sweet and sour drink mix

¾oz lemon juice

– Shake well over ice cubes in a shaker, and strain into a whiskey sour glass. For extra points, keep Grenadine on hand for a Cherry Vodka Sour and garnish with a cherry. Aren’t you sweet?

Simple Martini

If she’s a classy broad, she’s probably been sipping martinis all night. Offer her a Red Bull/vodka and she’ll be out the door in a flash. Grab the makings for a basic martini:

1 ½oz of vodka

¼oz of dry vermouth

lemon zest

– Stir ingredients – or shake them if you’re a real man like 007 – and pour into a chilled martini glass.

Gin & Tonic

Is your lady of the night relatively no-nonsense? Whipping up a quick gin and tonic for her might be your best bet.

2oz gin

4oz tonic water

1 T fresh lime juice

– Pour ingredients over ice and serve garnished with a lime wedge. You can switch the lime flavor out for honey or mint if you happen to have those on hand instead. Either way, she’ll be putty in your hands.

White Russian

Looking to serve something smooth, calming, and classic? Okay, okay – you’ll serve anything that will convince her to take her clothes off. Choose a White Russian and watch any remaining inhibitions fade away.

1oz vodka

2oz Kahlua

Heavy cream

– Pour ingredients over ice, stir, and serve with a cherry. If you don’t have heavy cream, milk will do. Just make sure it’s not sour, stud. One sip and you’re sure to be The Dude she’s after.


After a night of raving, she might need to come down a bit. Brew up a pot of coffee and snuggle for a few minutes before the deed. There’s a good chance you already have coffee at your place. Pick up a pair of nice mugs and saucers. You know, a set that isn’t from a family vacation or fraternity reunion.

Now next time a girl accepts your offer for an after date sip, you’ll be more than equipped. The rest is up to you.

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