Glenn O’Brien is an American writer, largely on the subjects of art, music and fashion. He’s featured as “The Style Guy” in GQ magazine, and has published a book with that title.

We were lucky enough to get a 15 minute chat with Glenn so we picked his brain about mens style and how the average guy can up his game and achieve results that the celebs do. Enjoy.

What are your biggest style tips for men?

My number one style tip for men is to feel and look comfortable in what you’re wearing. Otherwise you’ll look like you’re in costume.  Also, make sure your outfits are impeccably tailored. It is not attractive when guys wear trousers that are bunched up around their ankles or jacket sleeves hang to their knuckles.  Beau Brummell said “If people turn to look at you on the street, you are not well dressed.”

What are your biggest grooming tips for men?

I actually learned everything from my wife, who has amazing skin.  If I fall asleep she’ll wake me up to make me put on moisturizer.  I always do that at night, and in the morning.

My best grooming advice for men is to have a skin care regimen. I love the new face products from Dove Men+Care, which were developed to help men take better care of their faces in three easy steps: cleanse, shave and care. The brand’s face range improves the appearance of skin and leaves skin feeling clean, smooth and hydrated.

I start my skincare routine with the Dove Men+Care Deep Clean Face Scrub, which exfoliates to remove impurities without stripping away skin barrier.  Next, I use the Dove Men+Care Hydrate Pro-Moisture Shave Cream because it offers advanced protection for dry skin to ensure it feels smooth and cared. This product is great for dry winter skin. However, if you have sensitive skin, check out the Dove Men+Care Sensitive Pro-Moisture Shave Cream. It is dermatologist tested for soothing relief to reduce redness and irritation. After shaving, I apply the Dove Men+Care Ultra Hydrating Cream, which is clinically tested and provides three times more moisture to men’s skin. This product keeps skin moisturized for 24-hours without that greasy feeling because it is formulated to absorb quickly.

How can average guys achieve celebrity level looks at events without breaking their budget?

This awards season, we continued to see a mix of the classic comb overs and the pompadours. These looks are easy to achieve at home, without breaking your budget.

The new Dove Men+Care hair styling products are an easy addition to every man’s daily grooming routine. The line features a full range of popular formats that make styling simple to help men get the aspirational look of their favorite celebrities. The range includes the Thickening Spray Gel, with medium hold without all the stiffness or stickiness, the Fortifying Styling Gel, with a defined, strong hold and smooth finish and the Fortifying Styling Paste, which produces texturized volume and a matte finish.

What products and brands do you recommend?

I am a big fan of Dries van Noten.  I wear a lot of Lanvin, designed by Lucas Ossendrijver.  It will be interesting to see what John Galliano does with Maison Martin Margiela.

Big thanks to Glenn for sharing his tips with us. Look forward to more great interviews with some amazing people. Cheers. And for more tips check out East Danes Style Guide for look books on all occasions and there huge list of designer wear for discounted prices.


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