What is GILT? is an online retailer that hosts daily flash sales, ranging from men’s & women’s clothing to household furniture and appliances.

What is a flash sale?

A flash sale is exactly what it sounds like.

It is a sale that goes live for a set amount of time with a limited number of products up for grabs. It is first come first serve.

The sales provide a 1 hour preview to the clothes or products that will be in the sale, and once the sale opens it is a free for all to the public to purchase these goods at extremely discounted prices.

Plus when you sign up with Gilt through this link above you will get $25.00 off your first order.

So what can you get from gilt?

You can essentially get anything from gilt. There men’s section is updated with about 7 new sales every day.

1) Jeans

2) T-Shirts, Button Downs, Polo’s

3) Casual Shoes, Dress Shoes

4) Beach Wear

5) Sweaters, Cardigan, Outerwear

6) Accessories

7) Furniture

8) So much more..

They start at 12:00 Eastern Time and usually close in a few days.

They also have sale at 9:00 PM Eastern Time and these are usually the best ones, trying to move all of their overstock that didn’t sell. These sales often hit prices up to 90% off.

Some example of the styles and quality that gilt offers can be seen below

GILT Man 1

GILT Man 2

GILT Man 3

How to be a successful Gilt Shopper

I don’t buy from gilt too often, but when I do I make sure that I get an absolute steal.

1) The first thing I do is check it often

I periodically check gilt for awesome deals, and when I see one I make sure I snatch it up.

For example, every couple weeks or so they have 80% sales on their remaining overstock. These are the sales you want to hit, and hit hard. I have pulled hundreds of dollars of clothing from incredible designers for less than it costs to fill my gas tank in these sales.

2) Seriously, check the daily sales every day.

It may seem obsessive but they put some items in these sales at ridiculous prices!

There was a $500.00 Real Alligator skin wallet that looked incredible and one random sale they featured it for $50.00!

I missed it and i was pissed! After that day I decided to check the sales more often and when I see something like $250.00 jeans I like for $20.00 I get on it.

I have literally bought $200.00 dollar items from gilt for $30.00 – 40.00 dollars and then sold them on eBay for $100.00.

Gilt has an awesome rewards program

Gilts reward program is pretty fantastic.

The more you buy, the more rewards you get.

You even get points just for logging onto the site. After a while those points add up to free shipping, 10% off codes, 20% off codes, and even 30% off codes.

You can also redeem your points shop sales of your choice and hour before anyone else. This way you don’t rush that blazer getting snatched up in your size before you have a chance.

They also have promotions for members like 50% off your entire order on certain days, just for the hell of it. That’s when I hit my best purchase.

And to make you feel nice and secure, they have free no questions asked returns, which is huge when you are shopping online.

Gilt is actually pretty fun

These sales get my blood pumping.

When you see something you really want, and you know there may be 1,000’s of other guys behind their computer eyeing the same thing it really gets intense once the timer hits 0.

Its much more fun that a regular online shopping experience, and I really do recommend checking it out.

My best experience with gilt

My best purchase from GILT today was epic.

I had an 85.00 credit, they had a 50% off your purchase going on, and they had an 80% off designer sale up.

You do the math.

I got $250.00 jeans, a $100.00 T-shirt, another $75.00 shirt, and a $70.00 silk scarf for $11.00 dollars!

I am not messing with you the receipt is shown below.

The unit price listen is GILT’s already reduced price off the retail value. So that unit price of 35.00 for those jeans is marked down from $200. Then, I got an additional 50% percent off them.

GILT Order

So is it just clothes?


They have daily sales on furniture, kitchen gear, and plain random ass shit.

They even have “Gilt City,” which is like the new and improved Groupon. They have daily sales from w.e city you live in for discounts at resturuants, deals on nights out, and even stuff ike massages.

Its really a go to spot of mine..

Get $25.00 for your first order if you sign up today

When you sign up for Gilt through this link you will get $25.00 towards your first order on w.e you want.

Clothes, accessories, furniture, or a night out. You name it!

This is a killer promotion.

In Conclusion

There are plenty of reasons to use GILT, and I really think its worth checking out. I was really glad when I found it for the first time and want you guys to experience the same thing.

Look forward to:

1) The highest quality of men’s clothing.

2) Desired styles that will make you look awesome.

3) Save over 75% from retail prices.

4) Awesome deals around your city.

4) New sales every day.

I wouldn’t recommend this site if it wasn’t worth every word I typed above.

I want you to look great and dress great. The clothes you wear describe who you are. They are the first thing people see when they look at you and you want them to tell people your a confident man who knows who he is and what he wants.

You will get more respect from your peers, more looks from the girls, and most importantly more confidence in yourself.

Click the link below to create an account and get $25.00 towards your first order. That can literally get you a pair of designer jeans!

Invest a little in yourself. After all it’s an investment that always yields good returns.

Sign up with Gilt to claim you free $25.00 today

Then subscribe to us to receive more information on the best places to shop on and offline..


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