Getting your Style In-Check: Appearance Improvement for Dating Success

So you have recently entered the dating scene once again, but you are facing a few confidence problems that doesn’t allow you to be your best version. Well, in order to become perhaps a bit more confident, and make the most out of your dating experience, doing something to improve your style might be necessary. Obtaining a street style upgrade doesn’t have to be that difficult. There are no strict rules that need to be followed, fashion being quite flexible these days, but a few suggestions on what men should focus on when putting together an outfit. If the topic interests you, read carefully and keep in mind the following tips.

Go for Simplicity

If you don’t want to spend too much time looking into fashion rules, reading fashion article and putting together complicated outfits that stand out, but you still want to look your best when walking out the door, simplicity is always a safe bet. Street wear in particular can be easily excelled at just by combining some basic elements that follow a simple design. You can look extremely fashionable with just a pair of jeans and a t-shirt if you add a few accessories and the right pair of shoes, you will look picture-perfect. Men’s fashion is a bit easier to master than woman’s fashion, so as long as you don’t go over the top and mix and match the wrong elements, and opt for a simpler appearance, you could easily keep your overall appearance as stylish as desired.

Quality Comes First

Before trying to learn details about color coordination, or composing complex outfits with multiple layers, you should first know the biggest and most important aspect of an appealing outfit – quality. From regular jeans and trousers to t-shirts and cardigans, all the items in your closet should be qualitative first of all. You will never manage to make a great first impression if you are wearing something that is visibly cheap, designed out of a poor quality fabric. Regardless if you are shopping for clothes online or you prefer going to the mall, check the material description on the said item before purchasing it. It’s better to have fewer elements in your wardrobe but of noticeable quality than more of cheap designs. By simply focusing more on this aspect, you will manage to make a proper improvement in the style and fashion department.

Don’t Say No to Accessories

Whether it a pair of designer shades, a scarf or a hat, accessories are demanded in order for a look to feel complete. Not accessorizing is one of the fashion mistakes a lot of men tend to make, so you should try to add a few more elements to your ensemble before leaving the house. A leather jacket and a pair of great boost will not make a composed outfit, if you forget to add a men’s biker ring or a pair of gloves. Regardless of what type of look your are going for, whether it’s office casual, street wear or biker apparel, accessories have their own essential role and shouldn’t be neglected. Moreover, nowadays, the market is more appealing than ever in terms of accessory varieties, so you won’t have any troubles in finding elements that suit your personal taste best. Next time when you are putting something one, think about what accessory would bring your overall appearance together and add it to your outfit.

Check the Fit Properly

Even the most fashionable elements will not be a suitable option for a fashion forward individual if the size is not the right one. Checking that every single piece of clothing you are wearing is fitting you properly is a must, and that includes even your regular pair of jeans. If you have always had problems with sizes, you can always rely on a tailor. You could be wearing designer, but a slightest unfitting sleeve will make your overall ensemble look less than stylish and classic. Always check the dimensions properly, and your image will not have to suffer from an improper fit.

Black is Always a Safe Answer

While there are no longer strict color coordination rules, you can often combine tones that don’t exactly go well together, and might have a negative visual effect on you. If this is something you want to avoid, and don’t want your style to have to suffer just because you are mixing the wrong palette of color, going all black is always a safe bet. All black outfits are a great choice for street wear looks, and it will be much easier and timely for you, when you are in a rush and don’t have the time to think a properly colored composed ensemble.

Your Hairstyle is Part of your Look

Last but not least, you should keep in mind that not only the clothes and shows are the ones that help you make a great impression, have an impeccable appearance. So, to be presentable, you need to always keep your hairstyle in check as well. A hairdo that suits your face shape and personal style will be the finishing touché you need to create that classy image you are currently trying to obtain. Ask your hairstylist to choose a new haircut for you, one that will be more appropriate for your aesthetical approach. Take a look at some fashion magazines or on a few Instagram pages, and you will find plenty of inspiration in this department.
While appearances aren’t everything, first impression do matter n the majority of situations, and when it comes to conquering the dating scene, focusing on your personal style is a most. It’s natural for men to sometimes face difficulties when it comes to putting together an outfit, if fashion isn’t exactly their forte, so getting a bit of help on the topic is a wise idea. Use the tips mentioned above to your advantage, and you will see how easy it can actually be to upgrade your style.

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