Business trips are a source of great working experience. But after all those meetings and conferences, wouldn’t it be nice to find some time to actually get to know the city you were sent to? After all, making new experiences means learning something about different places, people, and cultur. So why wouldn’t you seize the opportunity to visit famous sites that will allow you to expand your horizons?

Business trips can become a lot more fun if you find the time and organize your schedule properly. So, next time you are on a business trip to Sydney, here are some tips on where to go if you want a crash course in Australian culture, history, and way of life.

1. A few-hour sightseeing chance

In case you’ll be in Sydney for a day or so, you’ll only have a few hours to get to know the city at best. So, the best way to use that time is to visit Sydney Harbour – it’s magnificent to look at, and you will enjoy it even more if you admire it on a ferry. One option is to go to Manly by the Fast Ferry and have a quick surfing experience, and then relax on a ride to Cockatoo Island, enjoying the view of the Harbour Bridge and Luna Park that you will pass by.

2. Tour of the city

One of the best ways to get to know Sydney and its rich diversity of people and neighborhoods is to go on a walking or a bus tour.

If you enjoy long walks, then you could consider the “I’m Free” tour, led by local guides that will show you the most important sites in the city center in three hours for free. These guides are easy to find – go to Town Hall Square and you’ll see guides wearing green T-shirts.

For those who prefer bus tours, the Sydney and Bondi Hop-on Hop-off Tour are the most convenient options. The first tour consists of two parts and they include all the most important sites such as Opera House, Bondi Beach, the Historical Rocks District and many more. Each location (out of 34 of them) has a featured recorded audio and you will be comfortable on a double-decker bus.

The Hop-on Hop-off Tour is of a different concept: you can get off the bus and get on again at different stops that are a part of the tour. The best sight to get off at is Harbor area and Opera House – they are well-worth seeing from up close. Whether you’ll stay for a day or two, this is a tour for you, as the tickets can be used within 48 hours.

3. All the places where the crowd is

Restaurants are one of the things you need to experience in Sydney. Different neighborhoods are offering various menus and ambiance; you just have to choose what suits your tastes. If you are up for exploring elegant bars, traditional barber shops and single-origin coffee bars, you’ll enjoy Barangaroo.

If you want to have a taste of a different approach to Mediterranean cuisine, visit Banksii stand out. And if you want an astonishing view while enjoying sustainable dining, check out Cirrus.

Stylish bars can also be found in what once was Rozelle tram depot and they offer excellent wines, tapas and even Japanese beers.

4. Unique wildlife

A trip to Sydney wouldn’t be complete without getting in contact with amazing animals that can easily be seen at zoos like Wildlife Sydney Zoo and Symbio Wildlife Park. Still, if you have more time on your hands, you should pay a visit to Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney periphery – it’s a more intimate zoo where you are allowed to touch unbelievably cute animals such as a koala or a kangaroo.

5. The beach

Australian culture and leisure is largely connected to the beach, so the beaches are the places where you should go to relax and soak in the Australian life – people surfing, swimming and playing domestic sports. Bondi Beach is the number one to go to – the beautiful coastline and amazing history it offers is worth visiting.

6. Planning is the key

If you have the chance to make certain decisions and plans before you actually go to Sydney – that would be awesome. The point is – if you can choose the location in Sydney on your own, try to find a location in or around the city center or at convenient parts. For example, tourists often look for serviced apartments in North Sydney, as the location offers both good connection with the rest of the city and comfortable accommodation. A good base will allow you to arrive at different sights really quickly, which means a lot when you only have a couple of hours a day for sightseeing. It’s also very convenient if it’s close to the place of your meetings, as you will have time to take a nap during longer breaks.

Another trick is to come to Sydney with a clear plan of where you want to go – it will give you some idea of how much time you will need for each of the sights, so you can effectively use your time there.

All in all

Good planning is always the key to every great trip. A business trip is no different – those couple of free hours you have in Sydney can be an amazing experience if you know all the hot locations.


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