Tips to Get Your Books Published

Tips to Get Your Books Published

Essential Tips and Tools to Get your Book Published

Writers have an immortal feeling when their first books are published and the ambrosial effect would last forever. For any writer it seems that Nature has designed such glorious destiny for them and the moment is unforgettable. However, getting published is not simple and there are many conditions and procedures to cope with before your work can get into printing machines.

Most amateur writers feel disappointed because their work is rejected, but one must be aware that in most cases of rejection the problem is not with the content but with the presentation. Let us learn the procedures through which a new book is dealt with in a stepwise manner so that one can understand how certain books go through while some do not.

Tools to Reduce Errors While Writing

Fortunately, there are many online tools which help in dealing with problems concerning the editing process. These could effectively tend to grammatical mistakes, phrase variations, complexity reduction or simplification of sentences, etc.

AutoCrit – This tool is unique in editing any type of content. The tool provides automated results based on different techniques which are used by editors, so that most editing errors can be corrected from the tool itself. Moreover, there is an option to select the type of service required, which can be put to good effect.

Papersgear – It is better to show your manuscript to any experienced person before taking it to a publisher. This website provides professional freelance editors who for affordable prices give suggestions and highlight the areas to modify within the deadline set by the customer. By having a fundamental checkup the chances of getting accepted by a publisher increases immensely.

SmartEdit – This online tool concentrates exclusively on editing short stories and novels. There are more than twenty checks performed by the tool to effectuate the work and highlights the problems of grammar, repetition, and level of captivation possible. After making suitable amendments suggested by the tool, you can certainly raise your short story or novel into another level.

After the Deadline – The first thing any professional editor would feel disgusted about is an improper application of grammar. This tool works better than other grammar checking tools, mainly for writers looking to get published because the errors are suggested based on the context and not on the grammatical rules. The text will become flawless and the readability index would increase dramatically.

PlagtrackerThis is the most comprehensive free application for those who are especially worried about the copywriting issues.  There are many services offered by this resource focused on checking the originality of the writing. Further, the suggestions given by writers, editors and proofreaders would help the author in improving his writing skills along with language.

Editing Process for a Book

Developmental editing – This process can start even before the work is completely written if the concept is liked by the publishers or when self-publishing. You can approach an editor who can help with pruning the content based on the genre, intended audience and the topics dealt in the manuscript. Developmental editing takes time because everything should come into sync between the author and editor, for ensuring appropriate changes.

Copy editing – Once a manuscript is ready for further analysis copy editors would come into the forefront. The main focus of copy editing would be on errors, grammar, consistency in treatment, coherence, logical balance of the text, style and formatting, etc. After microscopically examining all these things, if the work is deemed to be potent, there will be further discussions with the author about ambiguities, preciseness and necessary modifications.

Production editor – After the duty of a copy editor is completed, the manuscript is transferred to production editor for converting the manuscript into print format. This is where the initial steps for the formation of a book set in. The editor deals with project schedule, book design, illustrations, etc. by discussing with many professionals so that there is no blemish while printing.

Proofreading – This is the final stage the process of editing, where a proofreader scrutinizes the work again to remove any blunders in printing. This would ensure the maintenance of the publishing group as well as the author.

As you would have already understood that it is a complex and laborious process to go through, manuscripts are understandably dealt with stern nature. Therefore, one must take utmost care and understand how these processes would examine the work.

The tools mentioned are great aids for your first publishing or any writings before going into the actual editing process. Remember, improvement in style and knowledge is the prime factor for becoming an esteemed writer and there is no shame in approaching tools for further guidance. Therefore, adopt any of the options and rule the realm of literature through your compact, imaginative and impressive books.

Kelly Marone is a professional freelance writer with a 5-year writing experience. She is enthusiastic and devoted to her work. Besides, Kelly additionally makes the most of her other employment as a full-time mother of two beloved children, Kenyon and Natalie. You can contact her via Linkedin or Google+.


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