wayne rooney with hair

This is Wayne Rooney – Beloved England soccer (football) star.

You may be thinking handsome guy, great head of hair. But the truth is, he was’nt always this way.

Lately in the tabloids, Wayne has been getting a buzz about a lot more than goal scoring. He is one on many professional athletes, and regular men, who has undergone a hair transplant.

Here’s what he looked like before: (click link above for more pics)

Wayne Rooney Bald

Not quite as handsome. Not quite as great of a head of hair.

Recently, Phil Paoletta wrote a great article titled, Losing Your Hair? How to Accept Hair loss And Move on With Your Life. It’s a great read on Phil’s journey through hairloss and trying everything to reverse it, until finally coming to terms with his fate and putting together useful tools that he used to emotionally get over and accept it.


Brian Urlacher – How Did He Get His Hair Back?

The truth is, your hair really does play a big role on your self esteem and identity.

And while for many men, it’s common that a simple haircut will suffice every month to look polished and professional; Unfortunately, 40 percent of men begin to lose their hair after the age of 35, which can quickly detract from their appearance and personal confidence.

More male celebrities are treating the problem with hair transplants, which offers a variety of long-term benefits.

So if you’re thinking that you don’t want to just accept your hair loss, and the Wayne Rooney route might be good for you, here are some great reasons why you should get a hair transplant.

1) You’ll Look Younger

You’rea hair is one of the main factors that determines the appearance of a man and can cause him to look older if he suffers from a receding hairline or balding, like Wayne did.

Many people don’t know that, in that picture, Wayne was only in his 20’s. I think it’s easier to see that he looks younger with a full head of hair.

How it works is, a hair transplant takes follicles from other donor areas on your body and implants them where your hair loss has occurred. It will immediately allow you to look and feel younger with a full head of hair that is commonly seen on those in their 20s.

2) You’ll Grow in Confidence

It’s common for men to begin to have a lack of self-confidence once they begin to discover that their hair is thinning. This can lead to insecurity and even make some guys resort to wearing a hat.

As you know, celebs like Wayne Rooney and even Jude Law have used the hair transplant procedure, which has allowed their hair to look full again with added volume.

A boost in confidence allows Wayne to perform better on the pitch, and Jude to be the absolute man in front of camera. It works. But, it is definitely not needed.

It is important to say that a man with any look can develop even the most powerful self confidence. For help on that, we have two great articles.

How to Develop Unstoppable Self Confidence

The Modern Gentleman’s Guide to Developing Self confidence

3) Work Benefits

Even if thinning hair is beyond a man’s control, it can still alter his overall appearance and presence in the workplace. And if he doesn’t have a handle on being comfortable in his own skin, it can allow him to feel inferior to his coworkers and make it difficult to succeed and thrive professionally.

Obtaining a hair transplant will allow him to look polished and masculine with a higher chance of succeeding due to his appearance. Sadly we live in a superficial world. But accepting this, and using it to your advantage can be very valuable.

Again, that being said – even the baldest of men can crush it in the workplace and thrive anywhere. All up to how you view yourself.

4) Personal Life

One of the main concerns for men with thinning hair is how it will affect their personal life and their relationship with women.

Some men look great bald, this is true. But for some men, it is just not a good look.

Whether in a strong marriage or hitting the dating scene, it can be difficult for men to attract the opposite sex with hair that is barely there, especially thinning. I think most women would agree, being bald can be very sexy – but having a horrible come over like Bill Murray from king pin, won’t be turning her on anytime soon. (Having said that, Bill Murray’s character cleans up in that movie.)

Nevertheless, by regaining lush locks, it can make it easier to have a romantic connection and enhance your features with a youthful look.

5) Have More Options with Hairstyles

Being bald = 1 hair option.

While this is awesome for getting ready in 5 minutes, and not having to worry about much, the lack of of options can often hinder a man.

Instead of only having one option for your hairstyle, a hair transplant makes it possible to style your hair in different ways and keep up with the current trends.

Whether adding a bit of gel or opting for a faux hawk, it will allow you to have more options and control with your look.

In Conclusion

Getting a hair transplant is not for everyone, and is certainly not a necessity. But for some men, it will truly help improve their lives. Maybe you can’t look past your thinning hair. Maybe you just look terrible bald.

Either way, if this or anything else is the case, consider contacting your local hair transplant center and getting a quote and some more information. It may be just the thing you need.

wayne-rooney-hair-transplant-before-and-after pic


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