how to get more free time

how to get more free time

I know what it’s like. Wake up before the sun, commute an hour in traffic, work a 9-5, commute an hour back in traffic, get home at 7 PM, in bed by 10 PM to do it again.

That is no way to live. I will show you how to get more free time and have 7 more hours a day to live your life and do whatever you want with those hours. Stop living like a zombie and start living.

1) End your commute

For the last 6 months I have commuted to and from work an hour both ways. That is probably the easiest way to waste 2 hours a day, 14 hours a week, and ONE MONTH a year of your life. (THREE WEEKS if you don’t work weekends.) Do you understand that. If you are commuting 2 hours a day you spend 1 month in your car in bumper to bumper traffic a year! That is an alarming statistic. There are only 12 months in a year and you completely lose one of them commuting to and from work.

You need to end your commute before it ends you. Move closer to your job. As close as you can. This may be hard for people with a family and kids in local schools but if you are just starting out and are young like me move closer to your job. You will have an extra month every year to do whatever the fuck you want. You will have an extra 2000.00 a year to spend on whatever you want when you save all the money in gas!

If you are even more boss, quit your job. Quit your job and work from home or start your own business. Just stop spending a month commuting to and from work.

2) Change your sleep cycle

Many people don’t realize this but you don’t have to sleep a straight 8 hours every night. There are many different sleep cycles that leave you just as refreshed and rested as the traditional 8 hour sleep cycle. It is actually argued that our bodies weren’t made for a straight 8 hour sleep cycle and that splitting up your sleep is more healthy and natural for us. Let’s take a look at a few different sleep cycles.

TradittionalMonophasic (Traditional) – 8 hours a night – Total sleep time 8 hours.

This is the traditional sleep cycle that most people use today. Just you basic 8 hours a night.



SiestaBiphasic (Siesta) – 4.5 hours a night, 90 min nap during the day or 6 hours at night and half an hour nap during the day – Total sleep time – 6 1/2 hours.

Biphasic is my sleep cycle of choice. We will go into this later.



EverymanPolyphasic (Everyman Cycle) – one 1.5 hour sleep session followed by 3 20 minute naps – total sleep time – 2 1/2 hours.

Almost impossible to at attain with a regular job, but if you can do it then you are set.



UbermanPolyphasic (Uberman Cycle) – 6 separate 20 minute naps – total sleep time – 2 hours.

Again, Extremely hard to do. Some of the greatest minds of our time were known to have this sleep cycle though.


Each one of these sleep cycles is theoretically supposed to provide you with the same amount of REM sleep and keep you well rested and energized. I personally have not tried all of them but there are many reviews that you can read here.**LINK**

Let’s take a closer look at these sleep cycles. They are obviously not all realistic for most people. So what I suggest is adopting the siesta sleep cycle. This is the regular sleep cycle in Spain where people sleep for 4 – 6 hours and then the stores all close mid day for 2- 3 hours during their “siesta” They eat, nap and then finish the work day later than usual places and after they stay up and party until 3 AM. I really want to live in Spain lol. We do not have to be as hardcore as they are in Spain, but I am pretty sure anyone can find the time for a 30 – 90 minute nap during the day. If you can you can even do it on your lunch break. For me it’s after I get home from work.

So where to start:

There are two types of siesta sleep cycles you can do. One is sleeping 4.5 hours at night and then sleeping 1.5 hours at some point during the day. For example 90 minutes nap at 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM and sleep from 2:30 AM to 7:00 AM. That’s 6 hours of sleep total. An extra 2 hours every day!


You can sleep 6 hours every night and take a 30 minute nap during the day. That’s still an additional 1.5 hours of awake time every day.

So, so far we are up to an additional 4 hours a day, but can you get more?

3) Don’t take a lunch

If your company is like mine and you are on a 40 hour a week salary then this can definitely work in your favor. Obviously you have to eat and that is not what I mean by don’t take a lunch. But when I first started working I would take an hour lunch every day. This would mean if I came in at 9 AM and took an hour lunch I could leave by 6 PM. If I didn’t take a lunch I could leave at 5 PM. I just had to get my 8 hours of work in for the day. So I have started taking a quick 15 minute lunch at my desk. Some people are gonna say ” Oh, but I wanna get away from my desk for an hour to reset.” Fuck that I want to get home an hour earlier to live my real life.

So if I come in at 8:45 AM and eat a quick 15 minute lunch I bounce at 5 PM. That’s another 45 minutes a day I have when I come home.

4) Stop watching TV

So we have already established that If you commute an hour to work, sleep 8 hours a night and take an hour lunch that you have around 4 hours a night to yourself.

If you are like most people then you will spend at least 2 hours out of those 4 watching TV. that leaves you 2 hours a night to improve yourself! And people wonder why they’re not progressing in their lives at all! It’s an absolute joke. Stop watching TV all night. Go to the gym. Go pick up girls. Do something productive.

And trust me, I like watching TV. I am a big breaking bad, walking dead and game of thrones fan and I am going to continue watching those shows. It’s okay once in a while. And it’s okay to watch a movie with fam or a girl once in awhile but don’t just come home from work after getting your soul drained and then get your brain drained watching mindless shit all night.

So how many hours have we given ourselves?

1) We moved out and close to our jobs. Time saved – 2 hours a day

2) We have adapted to a Biphasic (siesta) sleep schedule. Time saved – 2 hours a day

3) We don’t take a long lunch. Time saved – 45 minutes a day

4) We don’t watch TV all night. Time saved – 2 hours

That’s a grand total of 6 hours and 45 minutes a day.

That is incredible. Do whatever you want with these hours. You now have time to go to the gym. Work on a blog. Pick up girls. Make yourself better!

If you make these simple changes to your life you will have around 7 hours a day, 35 hours a week, and a staggering 75 extra days a year to live your life! 75 extra days a year. Enough said. 


  1. Does this schedule actually yield you more energy? Studies have consistently shown that you need at least 7 hours of sleep as an adult, so I’m curious to know what the long-term effects of depriving your body of even 30-60 minutes a day are. I can’t seem to find any studies regarding biphasic sleeping patterns and how they affect us physiologically, but I can assume that they are safe as long as you are still getting an adequate amount of sleep. In this case, cutting sleep from my schedule would just seem hazardous. Do you still sleep this way?

    • Hey man,

      I still stick to an 8 hour sleep schedule. But there are a lot of people who have adopted the alternative sleep cycles, such as dave osprey from bullet proof exec.

      I did do the siesta when working a 9-5 job and it was sufficient.

      However they are hard, and you have to stay diligent with timing and stuff, if you don’t – you will be tired.

      Just suggestions based on scientific research. But they are generally safe, however – Everyone reacts differently.


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