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This article is written by Anita from our “From Her” series, where the women we want give us a peek inside their minds.

And if you haven’t already, check out “How To Find A One Night Stand,” By Jane Vineyard.

In my opinion women seek casual encounters as much as men do, only it’s considered unseemly for women to admit it, much less ask for it.  Men, you want consensual sex, face it sometimes taking care of yourself can seem pretty mundane, especially if you have to go-through various clips before reaching climax.

A One-Niter doesn’t have to be seedy or trashy; no one has to walk the walk-of-shame the next morning, at least not feeling awkward while doing it.

Read further to navigate the One-Niter that will hopefully create a future paramour, and remember the rules of gentlemanly conduct always apply.

Once you meet a nice woman and you’re both being honest about the situation, you will need the following items in the event you have a guest or overnight guest, this will ensure your house guest is comfortable and doesn’t read into the situation more than what it is.

1) Spare bathrobe that is washed after every house guest.

Make sure to indicate you have a spare bathrobe for guests spending the night.

2) Spare tooth brushes

They don’t have to be expensive. These should be placed in a spare drawer that she can find with directions.

3) Condoms

In your gym-bag, night-table and glove compartment of your car. Always use one, unless you’re in a monogamous relationship.

Never carry condoms in your wallet or pockets, this looks tawdry and might give-off the wrong impression, after all you’re a gentleman.

5) Bottle of wine/Music/Candles

In case you’re both a bit jittery, this will relax the mood and create an air of romance.

6) Coffee

In the event you want to see her again.

7) $20 for cab fair

Never let a woman leave rushed to get home, especially in the middle of the night.

Asking my friend Richard Maloof over at “The Detailed” a few questions offered some insight into the male psyche, he shares with us what types of women to avoid.

Situations to avoid, women that…..

1) supply their own condoms

2) Never ask their partners to wear a condom

3) Go commando during girl’s night

4) Never ask for your digits

5) Are too trashed to remember your name

Richard say’s there are other things to consider, like whether she’s your go-to lover or new fling to what age bracket we’re in. Not all women are created equal and it’s important for a man to man-up and be honest from the get-go.

One-niter’s are equivalent to masturbation, which means men usually just want to turn off the computer the moment they’re finished.  My suggestion, if that’s the case you’re better off sticking to your favorite porn. We want our experience to be consensual, just because we came over doesn’t mean anything is going to happen, it needs to be safe for both consenting adults, ask plenty of questions and you may just want to believe her if she says she’s never done this before.

Here’s to Safe Sex!

– Anita Rivas

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