Hate the Gym? Stay in Shape With These Fun Outdoor Sports and Activities

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Most of us already know that exercising several days a week is an important factor in a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise is also essential for our long-term health. But hitting the gym isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t like exercising indoors or in a crowded space with a lot of other people. After spending more than eight hours a day indoors at work, some people find the choice of gym machines and classes available at many fitness centers to be tiresome and restricting, wanting instead to be out in nature to take in the views and fresh air. 
Fortunately, there are several activities that can be done outdoors that are healthy, fun and can be adapted to any fitness level. Whether you’re interested in outdoor yoga classes for men or want to try something new, like rock climbing, read on to discover some enjoyable outdoor activities that that will make you want to quit the gym, and will help you get in shape and diversify your fitness routine.

Lace Up Your Hiking Boots

Hiking is the perfect way to get a real workout, spend time in a natural setting and reduce anxiety. Hiking new trails will allow you to experience new landscapes, and it’s one activity that can be modified for most ability levels. Hiking is great for your heart health, and doesn’t require a lot of gear. All you need in many cases is a good pair of hiking boots, proper seasonal clothing, and a daypack to carry food and supplies. Clothing and gear for hiking can be purchased at many retailers as well as online from tactical clothing companies like TRU-SPEC.

Go For a Swim

Swimming, whether it’s in the ocean or a lake, gives your body a full workout without stressing your joints. It can be a great workout option for people who suffer from joint pain or who have injuries. You can also mix up your swimming routine by trying out different outdoor locations. Swimming in a natural setting is a great way to get a in a workout and feel like you’ve gotten away from it all, even for just a short time.

Ride Your Bike

Riding a bike for exercise makes it possible for you to visit new places while you exercise. If you cycle back and forth to work or school, or to do a few errands, you will also be helping the planet by reducing carbon emissions. Cycling is also a great activity to do with family or friends. 

Go For a Run

All you need is a good pair of running shoes and you can get a great workout whether you’re at home or on the road. Running is an activity you can do alone or with your spouse or with friends. If you’re the competitive type, running is an outdoor activity that can provide opportunities for competing and meeting new people when you join a club or sign up for road races.

Cross-country Skiing

Not all outdoor workouts need to be done in the summertime. Cross-country skiing is one of the most challenging workouts you can do. It’s also a lot of fun and can be done alone or with others. Cross-country skiing is also a good excuse to get out of the house and into a natural setting during the winter when many people tend to stay indoors.

Take a Walk

Walking is one of the healthiest outdoor workouts you can do. It can be done by just about anyone, regardless of their age or fitness level, and you can walk just about anywhere. Going for a walk is also a fantastic way to alleviate stress after a long day, and it can help you lose weight if done on a regular basis.

Join a Sports Team

Sports teams aren’t just for kids. Whether you’re into baseball, basketball or football, many cities, nonprofit and religious organizations, and even companies sponsor sports teams for adults. Signing up for a team will not only help you get a regular workout, it’s a great way to spend more time outdoors, socialize and meet new people, and learn new skills.


An enjoyable and challenging wintertime activity, snowshoeing through the woods for a few hours offers all the benefits of hiking with the added challenge of walking through snow, which burns more calories and works out different muscles than hiking alone. Like skiing, snowshoeing will get you out of the house in the winter, and snowshoes are relatively inexpensive and available at most sporting goods stores.

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